Suspect in dismembering death held on $2M bail

Posted at 8:50 AM, Apr 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-13 09:57:30-04

Additional details have been revealed regarding the death of a woman who was dismembered and found in a recycling bin in Washington state.  

The head, foot and arm of 40-year-old Ingrid Lyne were discovered in Seattle’s Central District over the weekend.

According to KING5 in Seattle, John Charlton, 37, is the man suspected to have killed and dismembered Lyne’s body. A judge recently ordered for Charlton to be held on a $2 million bail pending criminal charges. 

KING5 goes on to report that prosecutors in the area believe Charlton killed Lyne then drove her body to Seattle from King County in the victim’s vehicle. Court documents show that police found a 15-inch pruning saw in the bathroom of Lyne’s home, along with blood and skin fragments.

Friends of Lyne say she planned to attend a Mariners baseball game Friday for a date with a man she met online, according to KING5. It wasn’t until the next day when her ex-husband noticed her missing when he was dropping off their children. The ex-husband alerted Lyne’s family who then entered the home to search through her purse, phone and computers for any clue as to where she could be.

Lyne’s mother was able to find Charlton’s phone number in her cellphone records.

Court documents show that Charlton acknowledged to police that he knew Lyne and that they had been dating for about a month.

KING5 reports that Charlton told police he and Lyne returned to her home after the Mariners game. Charlton said he was “so intoxicated” that “he could not recall how he and Lyne returned to her residence." He also said "he believed they had sex, and said Lyne was acting 'weird,' but could not or would not provide any further details."

KING5 goes on to report that Charlton admitted that he was “unsure” how he left Lyne’s residence. Charlton claimed he assumed he drove back to Seattle where he slept on the sidewalk.

Charlton denied having any injuries but KING5 reports that detectives discovered abrasions on his forehead, lip and chin injuries as well as scratches on his chest and left hand.

Lyne’s vehicle was later located by Seattle authorities in downtown after taking Charlton into custody.

KING5 shows that court records indicate Charlton’s parents attempted to file for a temporary protection order against him. They claim that their son would have violent outbursts when drunk. Later, however, Charlton’s parents requested that the petition be dismissed.

Records reported by KING 5 also reveal that Charlton was convicted of a felony theft in 2009 in Montana, negligent driving in Washington state in 1998, and a second-degree felony for aggravated robbery in Utah in 2006.