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You Can Crochet A Tiny Couch For Your Cat

You Can Crochet A Tiny Couch For Your Cat
Posted at 11:10 AM, Apr 30, 2020

Cats love to find warm, comfortable places to curl up and snooze or just keep an eye on the rest of the household. And some cat owners love their feline friends so much, they’ve made them their very own “kitty couches.” These miniature couches are the height of crocheted cuteness.

If you fancy giving it ago, the patterns appear to originate from an 1998 pamphlet called “Crochet Kitty Couches” by Candy Clayton. Annie’s Craft Store has patterns from the eight-page book available as a print-to-order shipment ($8.99) or digital download ($5.99), with three options to choose from — depending on your cat’s favorite color.

There’s a blue couch, a green sofa and a pink chair, and the attention to detail is unreal. The blue and pink pieces have decorative pillows and the green one is decorated with an accent afghan. Of course, you could use any color of yarn you like and customize to your heart’s content.

You’ll fill the insides with thick foam and polyester for that authentic sofa effect, and you can adapt the measurements to suit your cat, meaning even the largest felines can have a couch to call their own. Hey, you could even make one for a small dog.

Here’s an image of the original pamphlet cover, as advertised by Annie’s Facebook page:

One happy customer has shared her crochet creation on Annie’s Facebook page. Katie Reynolds’ black kitten looks incredibly comfy on its green crochet sofa.

Others have been sharing their adorable cat couches on a Reddit subthread about crocheting. Like this one from @thisbusisempty, which is a customized version of the green couch pattern:

I figured if I’m sitting at home on the couch all the time, the cats should get to do that too. from crochet

Of course, you may encounter a problem with a cat that doesn’t care for her lovingly crocheted couch, as this Reddit user, @katie22914, did a few months back. Because cats can be pretty contrary.

Crocheted a tiny sofa for my cat that she refuses to acknowledge. 🎊🎉 from blackcats

With most people still under strict stay-at-home orders during the COVID-19 pandemic, the more we can do to fill our time and keep busy, the better. If there’s ever a time to become the crochet pro you’ve always dreamed of, it’s now!

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