Lego Is Making 13,000 Visors A Day For Healthcare Workers

Lego Is Making 13,000 Visors A Day For Healthcare Workers
Posted at 9:30 AM, Apr 21, 2020
and last updated 2021-10-24 21:32:13-04

Lego is proving that it can build protection along with plastic bricks. The famous Danish toy company is turning its high-quality production standards and facilities toward producing face visors for medical workers fighting COVID-19 in Denmark.

The visors, made out of just two separate pieces of plastic, provide additional protection for healthcare workers against airborne virus droplets.

The toy company is producing 13,000 visors a day, according to an Instagram post.

“This week we began to make visors at our factory in Billund for healthcare workers on the frontline in Denmark,” Lego said. “We are so incredibly proud of the team who made this happen. They worked around the clock to create designs and make moulds that can produce more than 13,000 visors a day. We are grateful to have such talented, dedicated and caring colleagues.”

A video shared in a Lego tweet and Facebook post also says that up to 58,000 visors could be made each day within two weeks, if there is enough demand for them. More than 100 employees have been working on the project, and six molding machines at the Billund, Denmark, factory were in use at the start of the project in early April. Other Lego factories are supposed to join in the effort as it progresses.

The video notes that Lego has received its first order of 50,000 visors.

Lego’s already loyal fans were excited to hear the company was helping fight the novel coronavirus.

“This is a ‘set’ I am sure everyone working in health and social care (plus all the other emergency services, food production and distribution, transport, utility, delivery, etc. workers) would love to own,” said Facebook commenter Peter Hart. “I have collected Lego City sets since I was a boy in the ’90s and it’s amazing to think the same machines that make my tiny city come to life are now helping to protect real lives.”

Over on Instagram, an Ontario, Canada, a registered nurse caring for COVID-19 patients in a respiratory unit thanked Lego

“A stressful time to be a health care worker, even more so when we are told that supplies are limited and rationing of equipment has been implemented,” posted smith.dalt. “I have been a Lego fan for as long as I can remember and I am so proud to support a company that has taken measures to ensure the safety of everyone.”

AP Images | Anders Brohus

It’s great to see Lego and other companies and groups stepping up to provide personal protective gear, ventilators and other items in an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

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