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Home Depot’s Halloween Decorations Are Even Bigger And Creepier This Year

Home Depot’s Halloween Decorations Are Even Bigger And Creepier This Year
Posted at 12:25 PM, Sep 30, 2022

If you’re looking to liven up your neighborhood’s Halloween scenery this year, add The Home Depot to your list of must-stop places, along with Target. If you’re a fan of the home improvement chain’s enormous 12-foot skeleton, you might be pleased to learn that the retailer has several other larger-than-life outdoor Halloween decorations on the shelves right now.

From witches and wizards to creepy clowns and ghoulish phantoms, check out what’s big (literally) at Home Depot this season, listed in order of their stature. Just be warned: some of the prices are not for the faint of heart!

6-Foot Animatronic Wizard ($199)

The Home Depot

This life-size sorcerer, $199, will make your Halloween decor more magical. He holds a flickering orb in one hand and a mystical staff in the other, and his purple robe, long white beard and glowing icy-blue LED eyes will entrance trick-or-treaters. The malevolent wizard’s motion-activated mouth moves as he speaks ominous messages in a booming voice.

“The detailing is incredible,” wrote reviewer MBAstong. “It’s easy and quick to assemble.”

7-Foot Teary the Clown ($199)

The Home Depot

We’re not sure if Teary rhymes with eerie (as in, he makes you cry) or scary (like he’ll rip into you), but either way, this gigantic clown ($199) is mega-creepy. The motion-sensing animated figure will begin moving as he utters one of six frightening phrases. His luminous red LED eyes peer petrifyingly into your soul. His torso rocks, and his arm gestures up and down, moving the dead flowers he pillaged from a nearby grave toward onlookers.

12-Foot Hovering Witch ($299)

The Home Depot

This grizzled hag hovers high above the ground as she clings to her immense, supernatural broomstick. Bright, integrated LED lights in Halloween colors dramatically light the witch as she drifts over your yard. Dressed in purple, she has wrinkled skin, a pointed, warty nose and a shock of long, white hair. Her turning head will seemingly stalk visitors’ every move, and her realistic motion-activated LCD eyes will haunt you. But the terror really begins when she opens her mouth to speak to utter five different spellbinding scripts.

Notably, several customers said assembly of this decoration was challenging, but they found that using the free BILT app made it more accessible. They also stated the results are worth the effort.

“Takes a little work to get this Witchy lady up but she looks great when all together,” wrote an anonymous reviewer. “Pretty sure she will be this year’s decoration show stopper.”

15-Foot Towering Phantom ($399)

The Home Depot

The most massive of this group is this sinister specter, standing an imposing 15 feet tall. Straight from your nightmares, he wears a tattered gray robe that blows eerily in the autumn winds. His massive, withered gray hands reach toward potential victims. Vivid, color-changing LED lights create a breathtaking effect, and his pained expression glows hauntingly at trick-or-treaters who dare to approach your home.

There are several other oversized outdoor Halloween decorations to choose from at The Home Depot, from inflatables that are more than 6 feet tall to life-size animatronics and more. So why not go big and stay home (so you can have a blast watching the scares, of course!)?

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