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"Joker" movie premiers, theaters amp security

Posted at 9:52 PM, Oct 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-04 23:24:18-04

TULSA — A fictional movie about violence leads to extra security measures in real-life.

'Joker' is debuting just seven years after a theater shooting during the premiere of Batman left 12 dead and many wounded in Colorado.

Theaters are now giving more attention to safety during "Joker" showings.

All AMC theaters have banned face masks during "Joker" showings.

Threats associated with the movie have been made. The FBI and Homeland Security have monitored multiple online mass shooting threats. They are concerned potential shooters could use the 2012 Aurora, Colorado shooting as inspiration.

So far, the FBI says the threats are not credible, and no specific location or venue has been targeted.

Tulsan and “Joker” fan, S.C. King says, "All this just to watch a film about the Joker. It's really intense. It used to be a cartoon where he sprays acid from a flower."

King saw "Joker" last night at the AMC in Tulsa on 41st. He says there were officers present and bags were searched.

“It was intense. I've never had my bag checked before at a movie theater. They said, 'Because of the movie, we need to make sure you don't have anything.' I said, 'Oh, you're checking for weapons?' They said, 'yeah.'"

AMC is not alone. Landmark Theatres, which owns 52 theaters in 27 markets, also banned masks, costumes, and toy weapons during "Joker's" run.

Police departments in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles confirm stepped up patrols will be made at theaters showing the film.

The Los Angeles Police Department says it will have "high visibility" at theaters showing the movie.