Dunkin’ Is Adding Avocado Toast To Its Menu

Dunkin’ Is Adding Avocado Toast To Its Menu
Posted at 11:39 AM, Feb 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-26 12:41:05-05

Though it’s cold in much of the country, Dunkin’ is thinking spring. On Feb. 24, the more-than-doughnuts chain launched a fresh spring menu, and it’s surprisingly green.

Topping the new menu is Dunkin’s take on avocado toast. It starts out with a piece of toasted sourdough bread, which is an exclusive recipe for the chain. The toasted bread is slathered with a creamy spread made of just four ingredients — avocado, black pepper, lemon juice and sea salt — and topped with everything bagel seasoning made up of garlic, onion, poppy seeds and sesame seeds.


Dunkin new avocado toast

At this point, avocado toast isn’t a new food trend, but its enduring popularity thanks to its healthy fats makes it an ideal savory option for breakfast. It’s not the most portable breakfast food, though, and Dunkin’ says in a press release that they’ve solved this problem by serving up their avocado toast in a box that makes it convenient to eat on the go.

closeup of Dunkin Avocado Toast

The spring menu includes another item that features the new sourdough — a grilled cheese melt, which you can get with or without ham. The melt blends white cheddar and American cheeses, and, if you opt for the meatier version, a slice of black forest ham.

Dunkin' grilled cheese melt

There are also new coffee drinks on the spring menu, such as a new cold brew with sweet cold foam and a chocolate stout cold brew. But back to the greenness of Dunkin’s spring offerings: the menu has a new blueberry matcha latte, which mixes blueberry flavoring into the matcha mix with your choice of milk for a hot, iced or frozen beverage.

If you were expecting a pretty blue latte, though, you’ll be disappointed — the blueberry matcha latte is just as green as a traditional matcha latte.

Dunkin' matcha lattes

And finally, there’s a new matcha-dusted doughnut. The matcha-topped doughnut is traditional glazed doughnut with a pretty dash of matcha on top.

Dunkin' matcha topped donut

Are you excited for Dunkin’s avocado toast or new matcha offerings?

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