Unicorn Taco Holders Will Make Your Taco Nights So Much More Magical

Unicorn Taco Holders Will Make Your Taco Nights So Much More Magical
Posted at 1:55 PM, Jan 06, 2020
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I have a thing for fun kitchen gadgets that I probably don’t need, but that make the time I spend cooking and stuffing my face even more delightful. Pizza scissors? Check! A fresh pod for my avocado that looks like a giant avocado? Check! A potato masher with a smiley-faced potato on the handle? You bet! Clearly, the unicorn taco holder was made for me.

Sold as a pair, and with each pale pink unicorn having the capability to hold up to two tacos, the unicorn taco holder is exactly what you need to make Taco Tuesdays even more magical. (And you didn’t think it was possible.)


The unicorns are 100% BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. The product description points out that they can also be used to hold sandwiches, toast, burritos and more. I am already envisioning all of the meals I am going to eat from these unicorns.

The product name and description also says that these unicorn holders are for kids, but I merely see that as a failure of imagination in marketing. Because who wouldn’t want to eat their tacos (and other taco-shaped meals) out of a unicorn?

You can get the pair for $22.99 on Amazon. There’s also a pair of camel taco holders available for $20.99. Or you can get one unicorn and one camel for $23.99.


Honestly, the only thing better than these taco holders is the fact that a plethora of dinosaur taco holders also exists.

Like the NachoSaurus (technically for nachos, but whatever):


The Tacosaurus Rex:


And, my personal favorite, the TriceraTaco, who seems to have been photoshopped into this stock photograph of young people having a delightful meal al fresco.


Yup. This looks about right. Wine bottles. Craft beers. Plaid. … And a lone TriceraTaco.

This is exactly what I want my Taco Tuesdays to look like. Will you be picking up a pair of whimsical taco holders for your next gathering?

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