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Scripps News on the ground: Israel hits Gaza with large-scale strikes

International correspondent Jason Bellini reports from southern Israel amid the nation's conflict with Hamas.
Scripps News on the ground: Israel hits Gaza with large-scale strikes
Posted at 7:00 PM, Oct 12, 2023

Israeli forces are firing thousands of artillery shells upon Gaza as it continues fighting Hamas Thursday. 

About 360,000 Israeli reservists and troops, alongside massive amounts of equipment, have mobilized near the Gaza border, firing continuously from artillery and tanks into Gaza as they prepare to invade. 

Israel Defense Forces said it is ready to launch a ground offensive against the terrorist group in Gaza once political leadership gives the green light.

International correspondent Jason Bellini is reporting from southern Israel amid the Israel-Hamas conflict ignited by the terrorist group’s surprise attack on the Jewish nation last Saturday. 

Bellini, who has also been on the ground reporting for Scripps News in Ukraine, pointed to some notable differences between the two conflicts.

In Ukraine, there would be no standing around watching artillery being fired, because Russians have precise weapons. The artillery itself wouldn’t just be sitting out in an open field — it would be moving very quickly after firing because it would be targeted by drones and counter-artillery.

The situation is different in the Gaza Strip because Hamas terrorists only have rockets that are highly inaccurate.

More than 2,800 people have died across both sides of the conflict in Gaza, officials said. 

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