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PetSmart Has An Adorable Line Of Guinea Pig Halloween Costumes

PetSmart Has An Adorable Line Of Guinea Pig Halloween Costumes
Posted at 12:18 PM, Aug 26, 2019

If you thought dressing your dogs and cats in Halloween costumes was cute, you haven’t seen anything yet! Pet supplies store PetSmart has a line of guinea pig Halloween costumes, and these adorable little outfits will have you ready to become a guinea pig owner if you aren’t already.

You can dress your piggy up as everything from a hot dog to a unicorn come Oct. 31. Summer may not have officially ended yet, but these too-cute-to-be-scary costumes will have you ready for Halloween to hurry up and get here!

Here’s a look at the various costumes you may want to consider for your pint-sized pet:

Lobster Guinea Pig Costume

If your guinea pig is more of a ham, just wait until you see them strutting their stuff in a bright-red lobster costume. The plush getup comes complete with bulging eyeballs set right above the guinea pig’s own eyes. It’s available for $6.99, and you’ll need to pick it up in-store.


Bumblebee Guinea Pig Costume

Who will bee the cutest pet on the block come Oct. 31? This little buzzing buddy, that’s who! The long, rounded guinea pig’s body is the perfect shape for filling out a bumblebee costume, and this one, available for $6.99, comes complete with sleek wings and black antennae.


Unicorn Guinea Pig Costume

Your guinea pig will be the most beautiful unicorn you ever saw, thanks to this pastel-colored onesie, which comes with a unicorn horn headband. It’s available for $6.99 and you can order it online before picking it up in-store.


Pumpkin Guinea Pig Costume

In classic Halloween style, you can also dress up your guinea pig as a plump little pumpkin. Available for $6.99, this iconic seasonal look is simply too adorable to resist.


Dragon Guinea Pig Costume

In this costume, your little piggy will be the cutest, cuddliest dragon around! With green scaly “skin” and wings, your guinea pig will be ready to fiercely protect their castle. The dragon costume is available for $6.99.


Mermaid Guinea Pig Costume

Your guinea pig is already adorable, but how much more so would they be as a mermaid? Nobody will be able to resist your piggy’s siren sounds when they wear this cute costume, which is also available for $6.99.


Hot Dog Guinea Pig Costume

Perhaps you’ve worked up an appetite after all this Halloween shopping. How about a little snack? This deliciously adorable hot dog costume is available for $6.99, and like the others, it’s available to order online and then pick up in-store.


Check out some of the other Halloween pet goodies available on the PetSmart website.

Looking for a homemade guinea pig costume instead? There are plenty of options on Etsy.

Will you be dressing up your pet this Halloween?

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