Couple makes 'infertility announcements' video

Posted at 10:37 PM, May 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-10 13:41:33-04
One couple's video is gaining a lot of attention on the internet for discussing a topic that is not usually made public. 
Meet the Blakes. By day, the father, Spencer Blake, is a host for Good Morning Idaho. But at home, he's a loving husband and a caring father. Their children are adopted. Spencer and his wife Whitney are infertile. 
"Having our children swallows up the agony that we were in, of course, because we were able to adopt, of course. We wouldn't change that for the world," explained Spencer Blake.  
It's an issue that many couples keep out of the public eye but one that this couple shared on social media. 
Spoofing creative pregnancy announcements, they used humor to shed light on to something they may never be able to do and bring a smile to those with the same problem. 
"It was just kind of our unique twist to something we see all the time on social media," explained Whitney Blake. 
Their bubble burst, and the dough didn't rise. At first they posted the photos on their blog during infertility awareness week. It didn't take long for the photos to go viral, one article on Buzzfeed gaining more than 12 thousand likes on Facebook.
One person commenting, "This is awesome. We experienced four years of fighting infertility before finally conceiving. You got to laugh through the pain or it'll consume you." 
"Sympathy and empathy go along way for something that's that difficult," said Spencer.  "So we've had times where we received it and so it's nice we can give that to other people, too. "
The Blakes say they will never love infertility, but without it, they would have never become a family.
"Infertility is what led us to adoption and that's what led us to our little boys we firmly believe that our family is just the way it was meant to be," said Whitney.