Skateboarding 101: Glossary

Skateboarding 101: Glossary
Posted at 4:26 PM, Mar 11, 2021

Bail: To fall. Can also describe when a skater is mid-air, decides not to land a trick, then kicks his/her/their board away for a safer landing. 

Bank: Any incline used for riding up, completing a trick, then riding back down 

Bowl: A vert or miniramp with concave transition wrapping around 360 degrees, forming a bowl shape 

Deck: The wooden part of the skateboard 

Drop in: The act of going from a flat platform into a steep transition (such as at the beginning of a run in competition) 

Fakie: When the predominant foot is leading and will be used to initiate a trick 

Fliptrick: A move that involves the board spinning on any or a variety of its axes (the kickflip, below, is one example).

Frontside: A skater is spinning frontside if the rotation leads the toe edge of the board to turn immediately forward. When approaching an obstacle, the trick is called frontside if the obstacle is on the toe side of the board upon approach. 

Goofy: A skater is goofy-footed if he/she/they skate with the right foot at the head of the board (and "regular" if the left foot is at the head of the board). 

Grab: Using either hand to grab anywhere on the deck of the board while in the air

Grind: The trunk of the skateboard grinds along the edge of an obstacle.

Kickflip: The rotation of the board around its lengthwise axis. To do this, a skater kicks up his/her/their front foot to the heel edge of the board.  

Lip: The edge of any obstacle

Lipslide: A slide in which the tail of the board goes up and over the obstacle. 

Mute: Grabbing the toe edge of the board with the front hand while airing backside. 

Nose: The front part of the deck of the board that is steeper and longer than the tail. 

Ollie: The basis for most tricks in skateboarding. A skater uses his/her/their back foot to smack the tail of the board against the ground, while the front foot pulls the board up into the air. 

Slide: A trick in which any part of the deck is sliding atop an obstacle. 

Spin: To rotate the board on its vertical axis.