Value automaker Kia now has the largest sticker price markups

Amid inflation, most cars are now selling above manufacturer's sticker prices
South Korea KIA
Posted at 6:39 PM, Sep 27, 2022

Automaker Kia, usually seen as a brand for value shoppers, is now the auto brand selling at the highest average markup above manufacturers' sticker prices.

A report from Edmunds has tied the auto brand to higher prices as the U.S. deals with persistent inflation, parts shortages, and supply chain woes.

Honda and Hyundai have tied for second behind the South Korean car brand selling on average at around 4% above sticker price. Land Rover's average markup is nearly tied with those two as well.

Reasons for Kia's ranking could be connected to customers' views that the brand has long been seen as one ofgood value for the price.

Ivan Drury, an auto industry sales analyst with, said, "You're getting a lot, still, for the money even if you're paying more now or more than for the competitor,"

Kia also has an extensive range of hybrid and fully-electric models for sale. As fuel prices climb, that is a big selling point for many in the market for a new car.