Name of former Blackhawks coach removed from Stanley Cup amid sexual assault allegations

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Posted at 3:49 PM, Nov 04, 2021

Brad Aldrich’s name no longer appears on the Stanley Cup.

The former Chicago Blackhawks video coach's name was crossed out about a week after an independent review accused Aldrich of sexually assaulting Kyle Beach, according to NBC Chicago.

The Blackhawks had asked the Hall of Fame to remove Aldrich's name from the trophy, according to The Associated Press.

“I am humbly requesting that the Hockey Hall of Fame consider ‘x-ing’ out his name on the Stanley Cup,” Blackhawks owner Rocky Wirtz wrote in a letter to the Hall of Fame. “While nothing can undo what he did, leaving his name on the most prestigious trophy in sports seems profoundly wrong.”

Beach said the assault occurred during the team's playoff run for the Stanley Cup in 2010.

ESPN reported that investigators found that "nothing was done" by senior management when they were made aware of Beach's allegations against Aldrich, who was allowed to stay with the team during their run for the Stanley Cup.

The allegations have led to numerous apologies and resignations from those who were involved with the Blackhawks at the time of the alleged assault.