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Get paid to usher at concerts, among hundreds of other gig jobs

New apps connect you with side hustles near you
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Posted at 5:41 AM, Jul 17, 2023

Looking for extra work, but not sure where to start?
It can be intimidating trying to find a side hustle. You can try Door Dash or Uber, but what else is out there?

The good news is that these days, you can find websites and apps that connect you with part-time gig jobs almost instantly, from working in restaurants, to helping in warehouses, to working popular concerts.

Woman ushers at concerts that come to town

The hottest concert tour of 2023 -- Taylor Swift's the Eras Tour -- is also the hardest concert tour to find tickets for.

But Chanele Rice didn't just get to see Taylor Swift this summer, she also got paid to do it.

"We were definitely excited about Taylor Swift coming," she told us.

Rice is a team leader with Instawork, an app that connects gig workers with temporary jobs.

"I do everything from event serving to working as a prep cook," Rice said. "I even learned to be a coffee shop barista at one of our gigs."

But her best gig ever was that recent Saturday night, where she got to "usher for Taylor Swift and have some wild dreams," she said.

But Instawork is not the only gig job app is another resource for those looking for part-time work.

Editor Kathy Kristof of SideHusl says her team reviews other websites allowing people to make money.

"Now we're seeing a giant trend toward professional gigs and really highly paid opportunities," she said.

Her app has reviewed about 450 online platforms where you can find jobs driving, tutoring, shopping, or whatever you are good at.

"We're just touching the surface," she said. "There's just thousands of opportunities out there."

That is good news as side hustles become more competitive.

A recent survey found 39% of Americans now have a side gig, with workers making an average of $810 per month, often in addition to their day job.

And if you are lucky, you too might be able to get paid to work the hottest concerts.

After all, someone has to usher at those sold-out shows.

"If you are interested in being able to be at the concert without spending money but making money," Rice said, "Instawork is definitely something you should sign up for."

That way you don't waste your money.


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