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Home Depot’s 12-foot skeleton is back, so get one now before it disappears again

Home Depot’s 12-foot skeleton is back, so get one now before it disappears again
Posted at 8:45 AM, Jul 13, 2023

If you haven’t been able to get your hands on the beloved 12-foot skeleton from Home Depot the past few years, we have some exciting news: Skelly the giant skeleton is officially back in stock for Halloween 2023!

Priced at $299, the larger-than-life Giant Skeleton with LifeEyes LCD Eyes from Home Accents Holiday lights up and has LCD eyes that move and blink, plus a timer, so you don’t need to worry about turning it on every night.

This product sells out quickly every year, despite the fact that it hits Home Depot’s website four months before Halloween. Last year, Home Depot brought it back a second time in August, but the retailer isn’t saying whether we can expect to see it multiple times again until Halloween or if this first stock is all we’ll get.

Home Depot

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While there’s no rule you have to put the skeleton outside, at around the same height as an African elephant, it’s probably best kept outdoors — unless you have tall ceilings and, of course, don’t mind a giant skeleton in your house glowing throughout the evening hours.

There is a limit of one per order, with the skeleton shipping between July 28-Aug. 3, so you’ll have it in plenty of time for Halloween.

The Home Depot

Home Depot has a handful of other new over-the-top Halloween decorations from Home Accents Holiday as well, like this 5.5-foot animated Marie the Maid for $149 and this 7.5-foot animated marsh monster that costs $199.

You can also buy a 13-feet-tall animated Jack Skellington from Disney. Taller than Skelly the Skeleton, the “The Nightmare Before Christmas” decoration is priced at $399. Dressed in his classic pinstripe suit and bowtie, Jack’s head and mouth both move while he sings.

Home Depot

Looking for even more giant Halloween decorations? Lowe’s has a few new items already for sale from the brand Haunted Living, including a 12-foot animatronic scarecrow for $398 and a 9-foot “ground-breaking” zombie, an exclusive for $598. You could also choose an 8-foot animatronic witch for $279 or the 12-foot mummy, a past favorite that will set you back $398.

All three new additions light up and are animated. The scarecrow has red glowing eyes and an LED flame effect emanating from his rib cage. The zombie’s eyes and skeletal chest glow and he has a lighted lantern and tombstone. The witch turns left to right at the waist. She also says scary phrases and has a spooky laugh. Her eyes flash white, too.


Are you getting excited for Halloween?

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