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You Can Now Pick Up Ready-to-grill Steaks From LongHorn Steakhouse

You Can Now Pick Up Ready-to-grill Steaks From LongHorn Steakhouse
Posted at 8:10 AM, Apr 16, 2020

Are you missing the days when you could go out and grab a great steak dinner? Stay-at-home orders may have restaurants closed down for sit-down meals, but Longhorn Steakhouse has everything you need to prepare the perfect meal at home. With so many people cooking at home now, LongHorn Steakhouse didn’t just want to provide pre-made to-go meals, but also quality ingredients to cook in your own kitchen, as well as expert tips on how to have a restaurant-quality meal at home.

To create a fabulous steak dinner, the first priority is to find a quality cut of meat. Instead of heading to the grocery store and to weed through the cases in the meat section, you can shop online at LongHorn Steakhouse’s Steak Shop. Every restaurant has a selection of cuts to choose from, including center-cut sirloin, filet, strip steaks, ribeyes and more. Take a look at the full menu, which the steakhouse posted to Instagram:

But, what is a steak without a side? You can also pick up a ready-to-heat side item to complete your meal for just $1. You have a choice of mashed potatoes, seasoned broccoli or seasoned rice pilaf. To round out the meal, each steak comes with LongHorn Steakhouse’s popular honey-wheat bread and butter.

To order, simply go to the online Steak Shop, enter your closet LongHorn Steakhouse restaurant location and select the steaks you want to pick up. The website will tell you when you can pick up your steaks. When we gave it a try, we saw availability for as early as 25 minutes after placing our order. Make sure to check availability at your own location, though.

Once you have the steak, you might want some pro tips to prep your steak to perfection. LongHorn Steakhouse’s top grill master and executive chef, Michael Senich, has put together a rookie’s guide to preparing a great steak. The five-step guide breaks master grilling techniques into simple steps that can make anyone look like a professional, from seasoning to flipping to resting the steak:

LongHorn Steakhouse

Get the grill fired up and ready, because now you’ll everything you need to cook the perfect meal!

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