Prison dog program completes second year at DCCC

Posted at 7:20 PM, Sep 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-05 20:20:49-04

HOMINY, Okla. — Eight rescue dogs finish serving time with prison inmates in Hominy.

The rescued dogs spent the last 10 weeks in training at Dick Conner Correctional Center.

Today, the pups graduated. Both the dogs and 14 inmates received certificates of completion for the training.

CARE Rescue, a non-profit organization, began the STAR Prison Dog Program at DCCC two years ago. They have celebrated six graduations for a total of 47 dogs.

The dogs are rescued from kill-shelters, then paired with inmates who teach them various commands and behavioral techniques.

A trainer visits the prison every Friday for lessons. The rest of the teaching is left in the inmates' hands.

Janet Dowling, Warden at DCCC, says, "It helps them remember that there is a real world out there that they need to stay focused on and positive for, so they can serve their time and pay their debt, and get out and start over again. That guy is with his dog all the time, lives in the cell with him. He's responsible for feeding, grooming, cleaning up after it -- all the things that go with pet ownership."

Now that training is over, six dogs are up for adoption. More information on how to bring one home can be found at carerescueok.org.

Susan Tilkin with CARE Rescue, "We now know these dogs are not going to be put down, and they get to be put in a loving home -- which we are elated about."

The next round of trainees will step foot into DCCC next Friday.