FORECAST: A hard freeze! Temperatures in the low to mid 20s by Saturday morning

TULSA - Skies are clear and the winds have diminished.  We are set up for our coldest night since late March.

We can thank a sprawling area of cold, Canadian high pressure for this round of cold air.  The large weather system is settling over central Missouri tonight but its influence is being felt here in Oklahoma. 

The high will slowly shift to the Mississippi River Valley on Saturday and that will allow a warmer, southerly wind to develop.  Temperatures will warm into the mid 50s Saturday afternoon.

We are already tracking our next weather system for Election Day.  Rain looks likely on Tuesday.



Overnight: Clear and very cold.
Rain chance: 0%
Wind: N 10-15 mph
Overnight Low: 26°

Saturday: Sunny & cool.
Rain chance: 0%
Wind: SE 5-15 mph
Afternoon High: 56°

Saturday's Hourly Weather:
6am: Clear, Freezing; 26°
Sunny, thawing; 38°
Sunny, cool; 56°
Clear,  cold; 49°

Sunday: Cold morning, warmer & breezy afternoon.
Rain chance: 0%
Wind: A 15-25 mph
Afternoon High: 64°

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