FORECAST: Heat wave... very hot into next week... 100 degrees

Good Friday to you!

We've entered the hottest stretch of the year as temperatures will nudge toward 100 degrees into next week.

Our Friday will be a mostly sunny, hot and breezy day. Warm morning temperatures will heat into the upper 90s under mostly sunny skies. The south breeze will be strongest during the afternoon. The heat index will near 105 degrees this weekend-- drink plenty of water, find shade and A/C for you and your pets.

Expect a mostly sunny, hot and dry weekend as a strong area of high pressure prevents significant cloud development.

Forecast data suggests a cold front arriving next week by Wednesday. Rain and cooler weather will be likely.


Here is your Certified Most Accurate Forecast:

Friday: Mostly sunny, breezy and hot.
Wind: S 10-20 mph
Morning Low: 79°
Afternoon High: 98°

Friday Hourly Weather:
7am: Mostly sunny, temp: 79°
Mostly sunny, temp: 85°
Mostly sunny, temp: 93°
3pm: Mostly sunny, temp: 97°
5pm: Mostly sunny, temp: 98°
Mostly clear, temp: 93°

Saturday: Mostly sunny, breezy and hot.
Wind: SW 10-20 mph
Morning Low: 78°
Afternoon High: 100°

Sunday: Mostly sunny and hot.
Wind: SW 10-15 mph
Morning Low: 77°
Afternoon High: 100°


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