Pictures from Moore, Oklahoma tornado-ravaged towns are powerful, telling story without a word

MOORE, Okla. - The pictures from Moore, Okla., are powerful, telling a story without a single word.

Scripps media crews spent several days among the survivors, sifting through the rubble, capturing the emotion of the town's tragedy.          

Volunteers photographed by Scripps multimedia photojournalist Kareem Algazzar captured the paradox of a sometimes beautiful Oklahoma blue sky with people who were there simply to work around destruction. (Watch video at left to see the images)

"Don't touch anything that is insurance claimable, don't do anything the homeowners don't want you to do, but primarily you're going to be doing trash and debris out to the curb," said Steve Gallaway, Zone Commander.

"A lot of devastation, it's extremely bad here," he said. There are a lot of great people here in Oklahoma and we're just extremely proud to be part of it."

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Church groups and sometimes just volunteers from across the country find work inside, and out, just to lend a hand. Some are just kind-hearted father and son teams wanting to make a difference.

"That's what we're all about, people in need, just go help 'em. It'll all come back to you," said Rob White.

Whether local or national, volunteers came to Oklahoma to help.

"A young lady came out, jumped up and down and just said, ‘I'm ready to do something.' And that's the mindset of people here. They want to do something to help," said volunteer Shawndra Roberts. That's one thing great about America, we're always there to help other people. We get more joy out of it than the people we're helping. It's a hand up from a hand out from God."


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