Brett's Weather Blog: First Frost of the Season for parts of Green Country

Good Evening,

WOW! It's going to get cold tonight. If you live northeast or east of Tulsa, chances are you will see a frost or perhaps even a light freeze.  It probably won't be cold enough to kill the hardier plants.  You will want to bring in the tropical plants.

 With clear skies and cool temperatures this afternoon, all we will need is light winds to make it perfect for the coldest night so far this autumn.  

Below is a list of some towns and their possible overnight lows.

Grove/Nowata/Miami: 32 degrees

Tahlequah/Muskogee: 35 degrees

Pryor/Claremore: 33 degrees

Tulsa/Owasso/Bixby: 34 degrees

Bartlesville/Pawhuska: 32 degrees

Areas south of Tulsa will likely see some patchy frost but temperatures should remain warm enough to threaten plant life.

Still even if it gets to 32 degrees tonight it probably won't be cold enough to stop the grass from growing. So I would not put away the lawn mower.  We will need a hard freeze for that to happen.  

A hard freeze occurs when the temperature drops to 28 or colder.  When does that happen?  The National Weather Service provided a great nugget of information and insight into that question.

Temperature:                                                                     Average Day:                                                                               

Light Frost/Freeze 32 degrees                                      Nov. 3

Hard Freeze/28 degrees                                                Nov. 15

Killing Freeze/24 degrees                                              Nov. 27

Back in 1990, we didn't have our first freeze until Nov. 28.  In 1981, it took until Dec. 16 before there was a hard freeze and in 1999, just before Christmas Dec. 20, we hard our latest killing freeze ever.  

So this year appears to be about average.  And there appear to be some colder days coming at the end of next week.  In fact, if you take computer models at face value then there will be snow in Oklahoma City and much of western Oklahoma next Wednesday or Thursday. That deserves a WOW!

Have a great evening.


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