Brett's Weather Blog: Fall-like week ahead as Oklahoma heads into mid-October

Good Rainy Monday,

Feeling Like Fall Finally  

It has been a rainy and cool day across Green country. This is the kind of day some of us think about when it comes to autumnal weather. The kind of day that makes a hearty stew or bowl of soup taste good.

The weather pattern is undergoing a change this week. This week we can say so long to warm days and hello to cool afternoons. Temperatures this week will be below average.


The reason for this change is simple: cold fronts.

We will see a series of cold fronts make their way through Green Country between tonight and next Sunday.  While each front is not necessarily strong, each front sends re-enforcing shots of cool air into NE Oklahoma. Just enough to keep temperatures cooler than average. 

Interesting Tropical Connection:

Tropical Storm Octave is predicted to hit the Baja of California tomorrow.  Here is the latest satellite picture of this weakening tropical storm.

Mobile users can view the satellite image here --

I bring up Octave because later this week, as it continues to weaken, the remnants of its energy will move across the mid-section of the country and over Green Country.  It could bring us a few showers or a thunderstorm, late Wednesday night into the wee morning hours of Thursday.  Not a big deal but with out it, we probably would not have a chance of rain until next weekend.

Stay dry,


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