Brett's Weather Blog: A drastic change on the way for Friday afternoon

Good Thursday afternoon,

Lots to go over in today's blog. Unfortunately, the perfect conditions -- sunshine, light winds and temps near 70 -- won't last forever. 

In fact, the perfect weather comes to abrupt halt tomorrow. Check out the graphic below and notice the position of the cold front tomorrow afternoon.

Mobile users can view the map here --

Look again at the map and check out the area of light rain covering a good portion of Green Country. It's not a lot of rain, maybe a tenth to two-tenths of an inch of rainfall but it will be a cold rain.

As rain falls it also evaporates, and since evaporation is a cooling process, the air in which the rain is falling also cools. So, in effect, the rain causes the temperature to drop. How much? Check out the temperature trend for tomorrow afternoon.

Mobile users can view the timeline here --

Yep, it says we are in the 40s tomorrow afternoon. Hurry, go find that heavier raincoat now!  You'll need it.  Its not going to be the greatest Friday night for Oktoberfest or high school football as the rain could continue through midnight with temperatures continuing to fall into the mid 40s. Behind the rain, Saturday morning is set up to be a cold damp morning with lows in the mid to upper 30s, We may have our first frost advisory for parts of Green Country.

If we don't get a frost Saturday morning, I think we will next week. Check out next Wednesday morning's surface map.

Mobile users can view the map here --

Yep, a giant and strong high pressure system right over Northeastern Oklahoma. The skies should be clear, the winds should be light and with the earlier sunset, we should have lots of time to see those temps drop at least into the middle 30s, if not the freezing mark, in outlying areas. 

So there you have it. From perfect today to not so perfect tomorrow. So get there and enjoy the rest of today.

-- Brett

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