Brett's Oct. 8 Weather Blog: Warmer days ahead, rain and storms likely this weekend


I didn't get a chance to write up a blog yesterday and I'm not sure why.  The weather was beautiful.  There were no forecast challenges in the short term forecast.  But we did get a plethora of gorgeous sunset photos. 

So I spent a lot of time looking over the pictures.  Check this one out from Lynn Holman.  She took it at Lake Eucha, south of Jay.

You can send your pictures to  The Storm Shield Weather Team will show the pictures during 2NEWS Works for You.


For the rest of the week, there is really only one feature that will influence, dominant and control the weather. Look at the picture and I think you'll be able to find it.

It's that big upper low over the western U.S.  As that storm deepens, it draws warmer air back into Green Country.  As that warmer flows into northeastern Oklahoma, our temperatures will rise back into the 80s.  It probably stays in the 80s until Friday, when the storm moves into the upper midwest similiar to last week.

This week, however, the storm is slightly less organized and the winds aloft over Oklahoma are not quite as strong as they were last week.  Plus the cold front associated with this upper low is also weaker.  So the end result appears to be an unsettled weekend with chances for rain and a few thunderstorms Saturday, Sunday and into Monday next week.  

Again, it appears we will not see any severe weather with this system.  Closer to the system's core -- Minnesota, Iowa, northeastern Nebraska -- there will be stronger thunderstorms.

This storm and last week's storm is part of an emerging, unique weather pattern that is, right now, developing before our eyes.  In the coming week's, this pattern will establish itself and then begin to cycle.  It will allow us to forecast for winter and even next spring's severe weather season. 

I will write a whole lot more about it.  But that really deserves its own blog, so for now lets enjoy some spectacular fall days in Oklahoma.

Have a great Tuesday,


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