Brett's Weather Blog: A warm week, then a stormy Friday night

Happy Tuesday, I think.  

Sometimes I feel like Tuesday is the real hump day of the week.  Monday is behind you but there are still four long days ahead.  By Wednesday, heck the week is half over.  See where I'm going with that?

Anyway, on to matters of the weather.  We had the low clouds and fog I thought we would get this morning.  A couple of surface observations in eastern Oklahoma even reported some mist or drizzle.  The afternoon turned out like most of the afternoons this week, a mix of sun and clouds and temps in the 80s.  Even Friday will be warm before a storm arrives.

Take a look at this 500mb chart.  500mb is roughly half way up through the atmosphere or about 20-thousand feet off the ground.  Its where Jet Streams typically form.  I show this chart because what often happens at this altitude is reflected on the surface of the earth.

I've put an L on the picture with this blog where there is a potent fall storm.  Notice its over North Dakota.  Also notice the dark orange area over Colorado and Utah.  These two features will lead to thunderstorms developing to our west late Friday afternoon, maybe even Friday night.  The thunderstorms will have the potential to form into a line of thunderstorms with strong winds.  

Beneath the upper low is a surface storm.  The map below shows the location of the Surface Low pressure area and the cold front attached to this system.  Mobile readers can see the map here

This is a strong cold front.  It will bring us our first real taste of Autumn.  Last night on 2 News Works for You, I went 68 for Saturday.  I'm thinking now I should have gone cooler.  Saturday and Sunday could both be classic Fall days perfect for sweatshirts.   We'll talk more about these features the rest of the week on 2 News Works For You at 5, 6 & 10pm.

We have a weather booth at the State Fair this year.  I'll be out there, with Brittney, George and Taft.  Come on by and check out our Tornado simulator.

Have a great Tuesday, the real hump day!

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