Week 4 NFL picks, predictions: Will Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos lose this season?

TULSA - Let me say this right now. Peyton Manning has never been this good or this perfect.

Not even when he was the choir boy at church growing up in New Orleans. This is nuts. Denver may go 19-0! There, I said it. They are doomed for the rest of the year.

Just got through watching the Manning kids run around in their backyard for the 67th time in the last two days on ESPN. Even when they speed up the film, they still look slow, but they sure can throw it. You could tell the ol' man Archie was making some money back then too. Full pads for backyard games? Wow.

Peyton was a bit off Monday night, missing on five of his 37 passes, and only three touchdowns. Slacker.

The Broncos are already looking in Super Bowl form, but will they be that way in January and February? I wish some of this Peyton stuff would rub off on little brother Eli. Talk about opposites these days.

My picks for this week

San Francisco at St. Louis - Last year the 49ers couldn't beat the Rams. That's right, even in San Francisco. Both teams coming off bad losses, but do we really think Harbaugh is going to lose three games in a row? Have defenses caught up to Kap-ball yet? I don't see Rams doing that kind of catching up here. SF by plenty, 44-23.

Baltimore at Buffalo - Why, why, why did I pick Buffalo in this one? Because I have a soft heart, that's why. You know about my love affair with Buffalo, and they are just itching for an upset in western New York. Bills win 17-15.

Cincinnati at Cleveland - Last week the Browns won in Minnesota. It was a fluke, but the Vikings may be really bad because defenses can gang up against Peterson. QB Ponder needs to think about his wife's profession, sideline reporter.  He would look good with a clip board and hat on backwards. Back to this game. Cincinnati on the verge of becoming really good. Just the right time for a letdown. Still, Browns just bad enough to lose this one. Bengals 14-10. Or maybe 24-10, or maybe 34-30, or maybe 44-40. Take your pick.

Chicago at Detroit - Both teams with significant injuries. Lions lose WR. Bears lose a lineman. Are the Bears really this good? Stopped in to get a pizza and a brew last Sunday night, ran into the Bears fan club. They were really getting cocky. I'm going Lions at home. Are Bears better without Urlacher on defense? Briggs is playing great, now that he is getting the credit. Detroit by an eyelash, 27-24.

New York Croquet Giants at Kansas City - First it was the NY Football Giants. Two weeks ago the NY Field Goal Giants. Last week the NY Softball Giants, and after the 38-0 embarrassment at Carolina 38-0, Eli would be great between the wickets, on the croquet lawn. Crying out loud. Watch more of your brother's game. Get a clue. Chiefs' dream season continues on, 34-33.

Pittsburgh at Minnesota in London - What is the NFL infatuation with London? Now they are discussing the possibility of putting a Super Bowl at Wembley Stadium. What!!!!!  Big Ben posing for pictures next to Big Ben, then posing to get sacked by Vikings rushers. Two teams without a win between them. Come back still winless. I am picking a tie after five quarters. 20-20. For the record though, I picked Minnesota.

Arizona at Tampa - Two resort cities going up against each other, and both fan bases forget about game. Too busy with outdoor activities. How smart they are by forgetting this one. Wish I could. Tampa gets first win,10-7. I really wish this game would be canceled.

Indianapolis at Jacksonville - Luck of Indy and Wilson of Seattle are two of the best young QBs in the game. That Indy win last week at SF was sensational, but can they win two biggies in a row on the road? I almost forgot, Jacksonville really, really, really stinks. Colts 34-17.

Seattle at Houston - Now we will see how grown up the Seahawks are on the road. Texans rebound 31-27.

NY Jets at Tennessee - Go Titans 26-20.

Philly at Denver - See top of column. Enough said, Denver 45-20.

Dallas at San Diego - DE Spencer out for year. May be missed, maybe not. Chargers goofiest team in the league. NFC East threatening to be forced to play in the Canadian Football League. 7-9 could win it up North. Chargers by a field goal 30-27.

Washington at Oakland - Another bad NFC East team out west. Fahgedaboudit (this will never get by the spellcheck) Forget about it. Raiders 26-20.

Miami at New Orleans - Fish don't swim very well in the Superdome Aquarium. Saints 31-20.

New England at Atlanta - Falcons recover, 39-24.

Best of luck with your picks!


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