Week 11 NFL picks, predictions: Big Al's winners plus his take on Kansas City Chiefs, Denver Broncos

TULSA - I should stick with picking only Thursday night games.

Spotless, including the last two weeks of big upsets. Last week I took Minnesota over Washington. How about that pick. Take that to the bank!

I was scolded by my son for picking Buffalo again last week. I took the big choke on that one. And deservedly so. Guess what!  I'm taking Bills again this week to cut the Jets down to size. Son, please don't be mad. I really think Buffalo is going to win this one.

Record was 9-5 last week (http://bit.ly/wk10bigal) and I'll take it. It was a very tough week. Who would have guessed the 49ers would take a cue from the N.Y. Field Goal Giants and just get nine points at home against Carolina? 

Who could have figured the Colts would refuse to show up against the visiting Rams.

And Jacksonville winning at Nashville? What?

Did you see Jay Cutler's hand and that big bump? Ouch. That screwed me good. 

And my love for Buffalo killed me at Pittsburgh. Even Steelers fans have started to give up the ship, all the empty seats at Heinz Field. Thought I was watching a Pittsburgh Panthers game.

An excuse for every single wrong pick. Spoken like a true Picker.

Here we go with week 11!

Indianapolis at Tennessee - Colts, who did not bother to play last Sunday, are embarrassed just enough to hand the Titans another home loss. Colts win, but close 24-20.

Jets at Buffalo - Yes, picking the Bills again. Reading the New York papers, Jets and fans are getting cocky again because they are over 500. Coming off the bye week are the Jets, so that should hinder their chances. Bills 21-17.

Baltimore at Chicago - DB Tillman out for Bears, and that is not good for the Windy City. Ravens still not playing on all cylinders, but getting closer. I almost had a heart attack last week, having the Ravens only to see Cincy hit on the Hail Mary! Chicago seems to be bleeding a little. Go B'more 17-14.

Cleveland at Cincinnati - Game of FG's. Bengals win 9-6.

Atlanta at Tampa - Watch out for this one. Almost went Bucs here, but got word Atlanta is not going to fire coaching staff just yet. Still can't believe Falcons this bad. Atlanta avoids total embarrassment, but would not be surprised if ATL loses this one. By the way, did you see city of Atlanta is going to tear down Turner Field when Braves move to suburbs? They just built it 15 years ago! They have reached a new high for absurdity. Falcons win 17-14.

Arizona at Jacksonville - Cards the ultimate in home team. Jacksonville gets a second win in a row, to take them out of the running for top draft pick. Jags win 17-13.

Oakland at Houston - Texans are the Falcons version in the AFC, but Coach Kubiak coming back for more. A minor stroke is not enough to keep a coach from the sidelines?! Holy Cow. Texans win one for the coach. Another tidbit. Did you see where the City of Houston turned down the opportunity to remodel the Astrodome? Over the years the Dome turned into a giant eyesore, residing next to Reliant. Looked like a giant outhouse. The last time I was in there was a few years back when OU was playing in the Big 12 Championship game at Reliant, and went in to watch Texas High School playoff games. What a pit. Cobwebs, broken TV's, ripped seats. It hurt to see it fall into such disrepair. Now it will be demolished. Texans win 35-20.

Washington at Philadelphia - Eagles haven't won a game in their home nest in 11 straight. Incredible. Maybe the constant standing boo-vations from their own fans has gotten to the home team. But 11 losses in a row at home? The streak is broken this Sunday. Philly prevails over crumbling Washington, and take the lead in the NFC East. Philly a new team now that they have the same QB for three games in a row. Vick may never play again. Eagles 34-23.

Detroit at Pittsburgh - I am not convinced Lions are for real. Sure, they came from behind to beat Dallas, but is that really that big a deal when you think about it? Beat a banged up Bears last week, but that game was in Chicago. Detroit hard to figure. So is Pittsburgh. I am taking a chance here that Steelers win last week will get them going for a late surge. Pittsburgh barely 24-21.

San Diego at Miami - Every time these two meet, I can't help but think of that great overtime game in the old Orange Bowl, won by the Dolphins. These two teams are far from as good as those teams back then. In fact, what is going on in Miami these days is a nightmare. Chargers over Fish 36-21.

Green Bay at Giants - Home team actually scored two offensive TD's last week, so maybe things are looking up for the Eli's. Packers hardly a shell of their old selves without Aaron Rodgers. Now they say he could be out all year. If Giants win, it would be four victories in a row, and just a game out of NFC East first place. Go figure. In the playoff hunt at 4-6. First things first. Packers playoff hopes rest on this game. They lose, Pack in serious trouble. Giants by an eyelash, 27-25.

Minnesota at Seattle - Vikings have had their winning streak for the season. Seattle survived the mid-season doldrums and seem to be getting back on track. They need to keep QB Wilson healthy. Tell him not to run so much. Seahawks easily 35-10.

San Fran at New Orleans - Can't believe 49ers were that bad last week. Inexcusable. Saints rolling right now, and may not lose another game. Brees and the boys win it 27-16.

New England at Carolina - Can Panthers win a 6th in a row? Yes. Confidence after win in the city by the bay. Big boost. Pats will get all the breaks, but don't they always! Carolina hangs on. Mild upset here, Panthers 24-23.

Kansas City at Denver - Great timing by WR Dwayne Bowe. Getting caught with dope in the car right before the biggest game of the year. NFL "get-tough" policy taking a break here, since game is Sunday Night prime time! Allowing Bowe to play this week. Do you think Bowe would have been suspended had the Chiefs been 3-6, and playing Jacksonville? I'm just saying. Listening to Coach Reid explain how they have to go through rules and regulations and allow him to play was priceless. Peyton will go on sprained ankle. Chiefs will try and blitz and get Manning to be off on his timing. Good luck with that one. Chiefs lose first of year, and the old time Dolphins can pop the champagne and celebrate being the last undefeated team yet again. Denver wins 24-10.

Have an awesome week!

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