NFL Week 9 picks, predictions: Big Al's winners plus his take on injured quarterbacks and bad teams

TULSA - Endangered species: The starting quarterback.

The latest to go down is former OU signal caller Sam Bradford. Jay Cutler, stay tuned, more to follow.

All these injuries even though the rules dictate you keep your hands off the pass throwers. It is an epidemic. The battered QB. Do we really think Johnny Manziel is going to survive even four games playing in the pros. Not gonna happen. Good luck with that one.

I'm guessing here, but Eli Manning's iron man record of 47 straight starts is a miracle, and will never be broken. Especially if the league goes to an 18-game schedule. Impossible.

Had the worst week of the year last week...7-8. Good thing there were a few bye teams, or it could have been worse. Keep this in mind. KC is getting closer and closer to a loss. Almost happened last week against bad Houston team. Will not happen this week, either. So when are they going to lose?

Giants won Monday night in a game even NFL Films editors couldn't make exciting or intriguing. No dramatic music and editing techniques could make that thing compelling. It was a really bad game. Horrible. 

In fact, new Vikings QB Josh Freeman was so off on his throws, the passes didn't even have a chance to be intercepted by Giants defensive backs. Freeman was so bad, more than a few folks suggesting Tim Tebow should get signed by some team.

Some really bad games this week as well...

Here goes.

Carolina at Tampa - Carolina not that bad, playing better. Tampa is so lost, they may fall in the Atlantic Ocean, and that's on the other side of the state. Reminds me of the old ball coach John McKay. When asked what he thought of the execution of his Bucs offense, he said he was all for it.. Would certainly apply with this team. Prediction. Schiano's last game as head coach of this outfit with loss. Carolina wins to go over .500, 31-13.

Dallas at Detroit - Trying to figure how Lions are a three point pick here. Dallas isn't great, and Dez Bryant is not as good as Megatron despite what the Dallas WR thinks, but Detroit coming off home loss, Dallas on a little bit of a roll...and on top of that...for me to pick Dallas in anything tells you something. Dallas goes 5-3 with handy victory, 35-20.

Cleveland at KC - Chiefs love to keep it close. They don't have the foot-on-the throat mentality, and one of these days it is going to haunt them. Chiefs prevail in this, 8-0 is a go, 16-13.

Miami at New England - Pats make Dolphins pay for NE loss at Jets last week, 31-13.

Buffalo at New Orleans - Kicking myself for not picking Bills last week in Miami. I have picked Buffalo every week but last, and I got burned. Saints recover from blowing game two weeks ago to Pats, and have had two weeks to stew over it with the bye week coming in. Saints roll 38-20.

Giants at Philly - Giants get first win Monday night in one of the worst games in NFL history. I am saying this, and my team won! Must have been really brutal. Philly stinks as well. That performance against a depleted Dallas defense last week was disgusting. And this was supposed to be a high-powered Kelly offense? Looked horrific. Giants win in another bad game. Eli keeps his streak alive of one game without an interception. Giants, 20-19.

San Fran vs Jacksonville - Holy cow. Is this really scheduled?! SF 45-3.

Pittsburgh at Oakland - Steelers on a two-game roll thanks to yours truly picking them to win their first game of the year. I love taking credit when it is not warranted. That is what a picker is supposed to do. Makes us feel important. Steelers win 17-13.

Jets at Cincy - Going with the Bengals "do not win games they are supposed to" theory. Cincy can't stand prosperity either. Jets in mild upset, 24-20.

Washington at Denver - Broncos embarrassed in Indy last week. Does not take them long to recover. Washington provides fodder for this week. Denver 34-13.

Atlanta at Arizona - Going with Arizona until they finally win a game for me. Cards over average visitors, 23-22.

Seattle at St. Louis - Rams average with starting QB. Sam the Ram is out for the year, can't see Seattle losing here. Another Monday clunker. Saw where ESPN complaining about NBC getting better games for Sunday Night. NBC finally wins one, and complain, complain,complain. Tough ESPN. Deal with it. 

By the way, Sunday night game is Green Bay at Vikings. Have you seen Minny play lately. THEY ARE BAD!  Packers win, but tight fit, 27-23.

That is all - good luck with your picks!

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