NFL Week 9 picks, predictions: Big Al makes his selections including one really big upset pick

TULSA - This NFL pick 'em contest is wearing me out. I need a bye week.  

So do some of the teams in the league. I hope the NFL doesn't go to an 18-game schedule. My mind couldn't take much more. This is tough stuff. 

The NFL loves to brag about the parity. That any team has a chance to win. More like parody. Has anybody watched the games from the NFC East lately. A joke!

Teams that could use bye weeks. 

Kansas City - They are holding on to their 8-0 record by a thread, as they head to Buffalo. Chiefs need a break as soon as possible. You can tell they are wearing down already. Winning the last two games over so-so outfits by an eyelash.

Seattle - Needing a goal line stand to beat St.Louis without Sam the Ram is a sign of getting tired. Seahawks need a break.

Dallas - Need to make a coaching change and put Dez Bryant in charge. Byrant seems to think he is the only player on the team that has the will to win, or the fire to compete. Please! If you ask me, he quit on the team when they needed him most. At the end when the team was trying to get together for one final play. Bryant is off ranting about not getting the ball. The guy makes me sick. And for those who are making apologies for Byrant's antics, you got it all wrong. As if Romo and Witten and Ware and all his teammates don't want to win. You have to be kidding. His so-called "want to win" attitude by exploding on the sidelines shows up his teammates, and insults their intelligence. And Jerry says he likes the Dez fire. Wow! No wonder Dallas is a .500 team for the past 15 years.

Washington - If Washington doesn't pull back, RGIII will never be able to play again. By the way, while you take a week off, change the nickname.

Minnesota - Vikings need time to find another QB. I heard Fran Tarkenton is looking for new motivation.

Teams that could use season byes, as in bye-bye

Jacksonville - Could be worst team since expansion Tampa Bay when coach McKay was in favor of the execution of his offense.

Tampa Bay - Could be worst NFL team since expansion of Tampa Bay. There is pattern here.

Atlanta - NFC failure of the year.

Houston - AFC disaster of the year.

Philadelphia - Chip Kelly offense turning the NFL into a more offensive game. So offensive it should be banned for anyone under or over the age of 18.

Teams that need to keep playing, but have bye week.

Giants - G-men on a roll. NY Field Goal Giants outdid themselves this past week by winning with five 3-pointers, and no touchdowns. Two wins in a row. G-men on a roll, and just two games out of first at 2-6. What a division, the NFC East.

New Orleans - Is it me, or are the Saints creeping up on people, and playing the no respect card?

Went 10-3 last week, making up for the 7-8 of week prior. We go from the easiest week of the year to get winners, to one of the toughest if not the toughest of the year.

Cincinnati at Miami - Bengals fooled me last week, and actually played a third straight good game. Can they make it four? I say no. Miami in mild upset in South Florida. Only team in the sunshine state with a pulse. We could get 11 snowbird retirees to beat Tampa and Jacksonville. But not Dolphins. Miami plays well and makes Flipper proud, 24-23.

Kansas City at Buffalo - Going with my KC wearing down theory. Last game before bye week, head to Buffalo where the Bills play hard. BIG upset. Bills 13-10.

San Diego at Washington - This is a toughie. Chargers may not be the team of old, where they would look good one week, and horrible the next. Still, Washington puts in one last battle before Griffin is completely worn down. Washington 24-19.

Atlanta at Carolina - Two teams going in different directions. Most of the time this is the kiss of death. But it's Atlanta that's passed away. Carolina continues it roll, but it is close, 31-27.

Minnesota at Dallas - Vikings thought about trading Jared Allen, and rumors about Adrian Peterson being dealt. Vikes on fumes. If Dallas can keep Bryant quiet for entire four quarters, that is a win in itself. Vikings QB situation is so horrific right now, not even these guys can complete a pass against the worst secondary in the league. Cowboys win 34-13.

Tennessee at St. Louis - Rams losing in St. Louis after having a first and goal against Seattle on the same night the St. Louis Cardinals lost just two blocks away is a killer. Rams win could have made it all the way up to the third story on the local sportscast and maybe page four in the local sports pages. Instead, sent to the obit section. Titans lost long-time owner Bud Adams this past week. Rams do the rebounding, but only by a field goal. In fact, this game may be all field goals. 15-12 Rams.

Tampa Bay at Seattle - If there ever was a mismatch, this is it. Surprised Schiano hasn't been relieved of his duties yet. This could be the longest road trip in the USA. Buc's deserve to fly to northwest in baggage. No meals. Wait, doesn't it cost more to fly baggage than first class these days? Check that, give these guys premium seats. Will not help. Seattle romps. Now Tampa can ship coaching staff back on baggage. Maybe they will get lost somewhere in Alaska. Final 41-13 Seahawks.

Philadelphia at Oakland - What's this? Raiders getting better? Heard that rumor somewhere. Oakland win, and they reach .500. Oakland not the easy touch they once were. Philly still can't score offensive TD. They have worse QB problems than Vikings, if that is possible. Vick looks sick. May never play again. Ever. Oakland wins 16-3.

Pittsburgh at New England - Steelers had their fun, winning two in a row, and now it's back to losing. Big Ben is getting hammered by lack of offensive line. No running game. Makes it tough to win that way. Brady has swollen throwing hand...but we all know that TLC he gets during the week is top notch. And I don't mean the Pats training room. Pats hang on again, 27-17.

Baltimore at Cleveland - Browns are driving me crazy. Another mess at QB here, but Browns defense is good. It is now or never for defending champs. Taking a chance on Browns. Why? Gut feeling. My gut is hurting already. Too late to change my mind. Cleveland 16-13.

Chicago at Green Bay - Thought about going Bears here, based on the fact I have a new favorite TV show, Chicago Fire. But that is a soccer team, or least used to be. Actually it's about the Chicago Fire Department and has a real Bratwurst taste to it. Waiting for Mike Ditka to turn up as fire commish and Dick Butkus as a fire captain before the season ends. Bears will not be able to put out the Packer offensive fire, but this is the best game of the week. Pack wins 30-27.

Indy at Houston - Texans last chance to save season, and they will not. Indy easily, 35-20.

Have a good week.

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