NFL Week 7 picks, predictions: Big Al's winners and his take on Peyton Manning going back to Indy

TULSA - Tony Romo has the best game in Dallas Cowboys quarterback history, and they lose.

He has his lowest stat total in the last few years, Cowboys win. Go figure! 

Romo can't win in the world of public opinion. Has great game, gets hammered. Has sub-par game, gets nailed. Am I starting to feel sorry for him. Nah!

Went 9-6 despite losing the first five finals of the week. Late heroics by Tom Brady and San Diego holding on and forcing visiting Colts to kick field goals helped

Seattle at Arizona, Thursday night game - I think Seahawks about to have a slump. Got beat two weeks ago, didn't play great at home last week where they usually dominate. Starting to believe the press clippings. I say they get beat at Arizona, 16-13.

Tampa Bay at Atlanta - Will someone tell these guys the folks in this part of the country are used to good football, as in SEC. These two teams are starting to embarrass the college game in those parts. Atlanta finally wins a game, TB close to firing coach after this loss. Falcons 34-20.

Cincinnati at Detroit - Big man Suh testing the league again with dirty play hitting former OSU QB Brandon Weeden in the chest by leading with his head. Could get more sanctions and fines from Mr. Commish. Lions should have lost last week. Tigers hoping to stay alive in baseball, Lions getting ready for Thanksgiving game already. Forget to play in this one. Cincinnati isn't supposed to play well on the road. They may be better on the road. Bengals outlast Lions in one big cat fight, 23-21.

Houston at Kansas City - Texans biggest disappointment in AFC, would be entire league had it not been for the Giants 0-6. Kansas City the surprise team of the year at 6-0. So what will happen? Game to be really close..Chiefs win by an eyelash. KC fans now the noise champ of the world by breaking Seattle decibel level last week.  By the way, did you see last weeks KC game with Oakland. Raiders had a 3rd and 48 in the 4th quarter. had ball in KC territory, only to have a holding call, a Pryor sack for a loss of 13, and another sack for loss of 15. 3rd and 48. Former QB Gannon admitted in his 17 years of play in the NFL, he was never faced with a 3rd and 48. By the way, the Raiders didn't get the first down. Chiefs win 24-21.

Buffalo at Miami - Snowbirds in Florida help get a decent crowd for this one, but still 20,000 empty seats predicted. Dolphins coming off the bye week, should be recovered in time to win this one. Miami 27-20.

New England at Jets - Two weeks ago Jets QB Smith was about to be elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame by the N.Y. press for his play on Monday Night Football. This past week, could have been benched had Sanchez been healthy in loss to formerly winless Steelers. By the way, I had the Steelers winning that game, I hope you noticed. Close game here, but Pats win in New Jersey, and Tom takes wife to Broadway play and dinner Sunday night in the Big Apple. Final score, NE 24-13.

Dallas at Philly - Game for first place in NFC-least. Both come in at 3-3. Dallas all banged up. DE Ware could be missed more than RB Murray in this one. Eagles a strange outfit. Hard to figure. Dallas wins for owner Jerry to help him celebrate birthday number 71 last Sunday. No celebration this time. Philly wins 45-44.

Chicago at Washington - Washington an embarrassing football team right now. Shanahan has lost his touch, and owner Snyder losing his cool over nickname flack, and the fact his QB has been very average. Bears keep grinding and winning. Bad game, but a win for Chi-town. Bears 21-20.

St. Louis at Carolina - Panthers playing much better these days, while Rams another toughie to figure. Going home team here...even though Rams looked good on road at Houston last week. But everybody is looking good against the Texans these days. Carolina 29-21.

San Diego at Jacksonville - Prediction. Jax loses the doughnut in the win column. Chargers just the kind of team to blow this opportunity. Not a good game, mind you, but a win for winless Jaguars 23-20.

San Fran at Tennessee - Call me nuts, call me crazy. Titans are due. Look for this upset special. Tennessee wins this one 26-23.

Baltimore at Pittsburgh - Steelers out of the doldrums with win in New York last week. Ravens in a bad slump. Super Bowl hangover much! Maybe they need to read more Edgar Allen Poe to get motivated. Raven...Poe...get it? Never mind. Steelers 16-13.

Cleveland at Green Bay - Pack all hurt, nobody left for Rodgers to throw to except Jordy Nelson. Still, with Browns coming to town, Pack with the big chance. If Weeden throws any more of those flip underhanded interceptions, he could be run out of town... GB wins 28-10.

Minnesota at Giants - Holy cow, has it come to this for Monday Night Football?! When ESPN execs got this one, they must of thought what a game, Adrian Peterson against the New York Football Giants! Well, Vikings at 1-4, the Giants reduced to NY Curling Giants....Eli finally gets a victory, but this too is an ugly affair. NYG 34-21.

Denver at Indy - Peyton comes home to where he once ruled. Luck coming off worst game of his young NFL career while in San Diego. Good game. Manning gives the newcomer a lesson on how to  win big games. Broncos got the scare last week, vs Jacksonville. Denver rolls 35-13.

Have a good week.

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