NFL Week 6 picks, predictions: Upset specials, Tony Romo, Matt Schaub and more about quarterbacks

TULSA - You know how everybody says there are only two sure things - death and taxes?

Well. There is now a third. Romo turnover in the fourth quarter.

It is uncanny how the Dallas quarterback constantly finds a way to give the ball back, and after having a great game as well. He had the best game in Dallas Cowboys history, even got praised by his owner after a loss, and still finds a way to get criticized after a ball game. Incredible stuff.

I love listening to Cowboys fans blame Romo for everything, when in reality he is the best player on the team, and everybody else is just average. Do you know the Cowboys are one game under 500 since 1997? There is only one way you get to that record. Average players for the past 15 years. They're 132-133 in that span. 

Okay, now for last week's picks. Went 9-5 last week, and I thought I had a chance to go 0-14 because of the chances I took.


But how about three major upsets in the nine winners. Took Cincinnati to beat New England. You're welcome. Took Indy to beat Seattle. Thank you very much, Al. But best of all, Jets over Atlanta. Double secret probation you're welcome on that one! Stick with me, kid. I'll have you going in the right direction.

Let us get to Week 6.

Giants at Bears - I have gone from picking the NY Football Giants, to N.Y. Field Goal Giants(0-1), to N.Y. Softball Giants (0-2), to N.Y. Croquet Giants (0-3), to N.Y. Badminton Giants (0-4) to N.Y. Shuffleboard Giants (0-5). If they lose to the Bears in Chicago Thursday night, I need a suggestion for a name. Candidates include Bochi Ball Giants, Dart Board Giants, Curling Giants. For some crazy reason, Eli has to break out of this slump someway. 0-6 Giants? Can't see it. Bears are losers of two in a row. Giants explode to keep Coach Coughlin from going bananas, Giants 34-23.

Cincinnati at Buffalo - I am telling you, Bengals win games they are not supposed to, and lose games they are supposed to win. Here is where the trend takes a break. Cincy wins at Buffalo, and this is the first time this year I am picking against my beloved Bills. Too many QB problems in the big chill (Orchard park, NY), Bengals win 16-6.

Detroit at Cleveland - Weeden back in the saddle, and QB's seem to always play better when threatened and given the second chance. Browns stay in first place. Can't believe I heard this: it's the first time in 25 years Browns have been in first place this late in the season. It really has been bad in Cleveland for all these years. Cleveland wins its 4th in a row, 24-13, and all after the trade of RB Richardson. Go figure.

Oakland at Kansas City - Chiefs continue to roll, and I am loving it. Will they be unbeaten when they play Denver in November? Will KC be able to get Tony Gonzalez back from Atlanta? If the price is right. KC wins 31-10.

Carolina at Minnesota - Can you believe how many QBs have gone bad or down and out already? We are just five weeks into the season. Freeman getting crash course as Viking QB. I have a crash course. Give it to Peterson. Vikings win, but barely, 21-20.

Philadelphia at Tampa Bay - Eagles coming off celebration of tying Dallas for NFC East lead at 2-3, suffer hangover after beating the hapless Giants. Go to TB to get a sun tan, and come back burnt. Bucs in mild upset here, 24-20.

Green Bay at Baltimore - Trust me, Baltimore not as bad as record indicates. Packers always have trouble with this game, and LB Mathews out for a month with broken hand and arm. Flacco regroups after week off and beats double-check and company. Ravens 34-31.

St. Louis at Houston - Texans QB getting so much heat, but not melting yet. Loses this game he will melt faster than the wicked witch of the west. (I think that was the nasty witch in Wizard of Oz). Go Texans in survival mode, 42-20.

Pittsburgh at NY Jets - Steelers week off, and you talk about a team that is in desperation mode. Jets coming off improbable upset at Atlanta. Get a big head (it is the Rex Ryan way) and waste the win with home lose to Big Ben. Low scoring game. Steelers 16-13.

Jacksonville at Denver - Please! Point spread is 27 1/2, Denver scored 51 points last week against Dallas. That is more points than Jax has scored all season. Denver wins 45-10.

Tennessee at Seattle - Titans in tough spot here. Good team but going to a venue that is impossible to win. Seattle gets it done 31-13.

New England at New Orleans - People starting to notice Saints with the 5-0 record. Recipe for a let down. Taking a chance here, and thinking Pats loss at Cincinnati hurts a little bit. Brady to respond, and win by a late FG. NE 31-29.

Arizona at San Francisco - 49ers starting to get its mojo back. Arizona a tough hombre when they want to be. They give 49ers all they can handle, but still lose. SF 27-20.

Indianapolis at San Diego - Colts coming off upset win over Seattle, but banged and bruised in the win. Maybe a tough comeback game at San Diego. Too many poolside parties on Saturday night. Picking Chargers in another mild upset. SD 26-24.

Washington at Dallas - Jerry claims Romo played the best game of his life, and they still lost. Jerry is getting soft. Washington off the bye week, find a way to get RGIII going. He didn't play in pre-season, Washington four games in. That equals a pre-season. Griffin will be ready to go. Dallas feeling sorry for themselves after tough loss to Denver. 27-25 Washington. By the way Daniel Snyder is dead wrong on his assessment on the name of his team. Change it now.

That is all. Have a great football weekend everybody!

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