NFL Week 5 picks, predictions: Big Al says rules ruining professional football, replay too involved

More flags than plays

TULSA - Even the refs don't know the rules.

It is too complicated.

Two feet in, juggling but possession, batting the ball out of the back of the end zone. Pass interference on a whim. Holding on every call. Can we have a kickoff without a hold or a block in the back? Stop. It. Now. You are ruining the game.

I'll be the first to admit the rules are too technical. What's wrong with making the catch, two feet hit the ground, it's a catch. Why do we need the following through part. Get rid of it. Stupid. Enough already. Refs are relying too much on the replays to bail them out. How about better at your job.

By the way, I went 13-2 last week. Just thought I would throw that in.

This does not appear to be the best of schedules for Week 5. But it will not stop us from continuing on with our assignments.

Indy at Houston - Luck has sore shoulder, Colts lucky to win last week. Texans need a win in the worst way. Give Texans a shot here in bad Thursday nighter. Houston, 24-13.

Chicago at Kansas City - Bears got their win of the month last week. Chiefs desperate outfit. 1-3 teams in FG-fest. Chiefs, 15-12.

Seattle at Cincinnati - Seahawks coming off marred game by officials. Should have lost at home to lowly Lions. Is Cincy for real at 4-0? Of the 4-0 teams, this is the most unlikely, but they must be doing something right. Bengals by an eyelash, 24-23.

Washington at Atlanta - Will the bubble burst for Atlanta? Not the way they are playing right now. Bubble stays together for Falcons victory, 31-14.

Jacksonville at Tampa - You got it, the "no comment" game of the week. See what I mean about bad schedule this week. Jax wins, 16-10.

New Orleans at Philly - Another game between 1-3 teams. Eagles coach already getting major heat. No one gets along with the guy, even though his name is Chip. I thought all guys named Chip were good guys. Not here. Saints coming off the emotional game vs Dallas. Back to reality. Eagles win, 27-20.

Cleveland at Baltimore - How many 1-3 teams are there? Good grief. Baltimore takes care of business, along as Flacco wears his Flako jacket. Ravens, 16-13.

St. Louis at Green Bay - Game will be closer than expected, but Packers on their way to 16-0. GB, 27-24.

Buffalo at Tennessee - Not the Music City Miracle. Over-under on number of penalties for Bills is 14. Take the over. Titans with the week off to get it together. Titans in upset, 24-21.

Arizona at Detroit - Lions have to win sometime. Arizona a bit shaken with last week's loss. Detroit mild upset, 26-21.

New England at Dallas - Too many injuries for Dallas to overcome in this one. Patriots off this past week. All of that adds up to Patriots' victory, 31-20.

Denver at Oakland - Upset special. Denver looking like team primed for a loss, despite the 4-0 record. Oakland getting closer to being real football team. Raiders, 21-20.

Pittsburgh at San Diego - Can't see Steelers winning without Big Ben. Chargers, 27-24.

San Francisco at NY Giants - Not even Eli can dumb this one up. 49ers running on empty. Giants, 31-17.




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