NFL Week 5 picks, predictions: Big Al Jerkens on the best and worst teams plus his upset special

TULSA - Of the undefeated teams, the Denver Broncos appear to be the best in the AFC.

Kansas City still doesn't look as dominating, and New England is getting banged up early. The hope in Denver is they don't peak way too soon.

In the NFC, it's hard to determine if Seattle or New Orleans is better. For now, Seahawks by an eyelash. Will these teams be there at the end? Still think 49ers will make up ground when it is all said and done.

Went 10-5 last week. My upset special came through again! Buffalo baby! They intercepted Flacco not once, not twice, not three times, not four, but five times an Oskie. Bills have great chance to go 3-2 with early trip to Cleveland.


The disappointments so far?

Has to be Atlanta and Houston. Burning Schaub jersey a little ridiculous. I didn't think they care that much in Houston about any sport. Atlanta is 1-3, and I'm picking the Falcons to get beat again this week.

The worst teams?

Jacksonville easily in the cellar, even though the NY Giants, Oakland, Tampa Bay and Philadelphia are awful, and St. Louis is getting there.

Eli and the New York Badminton Giants need to make some changes. I suggest getting rid of OC Kevin Gilbride. Someone called my radio show this week and said Giants should hire Buddy Ryan for the purpose of punching Gilbride and knocking him out, as he tried to do once before.

We head to Week 5, with the Dallas Cowboys about to clinch the NFC East with a 7-9 record, maybe 6-10. Will make a mockery of the NFL playoff system. 

Thursday game, Buffalo at Cleveland - I am staying on the Bills train as long as it will climb up the hill as the little engine that could. Browns going with hometown kid Hoyer at QB, even though QB Weeden claims it is still his team. Hard to watch Weeden on bench with clipboard, but if Browns win this one, it may be a season-long position. Going Bills in another mild upset. Buffalo has the best chicken wings in the world. Joe Namath had a pregame of wings in a Buffalo restaurant in 1965, and declared it the best wings ever. Hence, the name, "BUFFALO WILD WINGS." True story. Joe Willie strikes again, and he didn't even ask to kiss the waitress. 24-21 Bills.

New Orleans at Chicago - Saints get lucky here, get the Bears in Chicago when it's still warm. In December this game is a different story. But it's not, so go Saints to make it 5-0. Coach Payton is working his magic. I was in Chicago last Sunday and listened to the Bears radio announcers go on and on about how good the Bears were. Kiss of death. Brees gets it done, 24-17. Cutler getting grouchy again.

New England at Cincinnati - Bengals are the nuttiest team in the league. When they are supposed to lose, they win, When they are supposed to win, they lose. Bengals supposed to lose this weekend to Tom Brady. They will win. Injuries starting to build for Pats already. The loss of Wilfork is huge, in more ways than one. the big guy may never play again, A 350-pounder coming back from Achilles is going to be tough. Bengals in upset 31-23.

Jacksonville at St. Louis - OSU's Justin Blackmon returns to Jaguars. Doesn't matter. This team is the worst team in NFL history. At least modern history. Just think, some folks suggesting team sign Tim Tebow, saying what do they have to lose? Rams not much better, but if Rams lose this one, the local baseball team will totally own city. Rams win, in a close one, 35-34.

Baltimore at Miami - Dolphins back to earth after getting drubbed Monday night. That was expected. What wasn't expected was Flacco and his five interceptions against Buffalo last Sunday. Dolphins regroup, send Super Bowl Champs below 500. 16-10 Miami.

Philadelphia at NY Giants - There could be more booing at this game than a Halloween ghost convention. If the game was in Philly, it definitely would. Giants fans a little more sympathetic. Wait, did I really say that? If Giants do not win this game, even brother Peyton may ask Eli to change last name. Three Dog Night song "Eli's Coming" will be changed to Eli's Leaving." Giants survive 38-31.

Detroit at Green Bay - QB Aaron "Doublecheck" Rodgers better double check his playbook, or Packers will drop to 1-3. Can't see that happening. Pack wins in another score-fest, 48-23.

Kansas City at Tennessee - Chiefs been a great story in September, but Titans quietly having nice start. QB Locker out a month which will hurt, but KC RB Charles not practicing this week. Going upset city here in the Music City. Titans win 14-10.

Seattle at Indy - Seahawks made defensive play of the season with the late interception and return for tying touchdown, and winning in the OT. Luck runs out for Seahawks, Luck gets it done for Colts. 24-23 Indy.

Carolina at Arizona - This game does not get my blood flowing, but someone has to win it. Go Cards at home, although Carolina had the off week after beating Giants 38-0. Zona wins 27-23.

Denver at Dallas - Jerry wanted his QB Romo to be more like Peyton. I think he meant hours in film room, because there is no way Superman could come up with stats that PM has run up this season. Manning playing as perfect as a QB can play these days. Denver's best linebacker hurt at practice Wednesday so that may help the Cowboys cause, but Peyton is as healthy as ever, and so is Wes Welker. Broncos get away in the 3rd quarter, and win 34-20.

San Diego at Oakland - Chargers are another one of the goofy teams. Raiders are always going to be bad. It's in the water in Oakland. Besides, town now has baseball fever for the week. Can you believe the A's sold out the playoff game tickets with Detroit in minutes? Go figure. Chargers win 31-10.

NY Jets at Atlanta - Picking Jets, setting myself up for some ridicule by Monday. Not crazy about the way Falcons are flying these days, and Jets defense not horrible. Taking a chance here. Jets 26-23.

Houston at San Francisco - Both teams underachieving so far. That Texans loss last week to visiting Seattle may have given team some bad vibes the rest of the way. Go 49ers easily, 42-17.

Have a great football weekend, and good luck with your picks!


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