NFL Week 3 picks, predictions: Andy Reid returns to Philadelphia as Chiefs and Eagles clash

TULSA - As we head into Week 3 of the NFL season, we already have some teams throwing in the towel after going 0-2.

Others have been unable to rush for 100 yards total in the first two games of the season.

And a few coaches are already looking over their shoulders, wondering if they will make it before their bye week.

Went 12-4 last week and had three major upsets in the mix.

How about picking Miami to win at Indy. You're welcome.

Arizona to beat Detroit. Don't mention it.

Seattle over 49ers was considered an upset, but was it really? Yes it was according to Vegas, so there. I'll have more upset specials coming right up.

Kansas City at Philadelphia - Thursday night Coach Reid takes KC into Philly, and many are wondering who the fans will boo the loudest. Reid or Donovan McNabb? They're retiring McNabb's number 5. Are they nuts or what?! Do we really expect Philly fans to cheer McNabb? I don't. Philly marketing people need to be replaced for coming up with this idea. He threw up at the Super Bowl for crying out loud. I feel for McNabb and his family. Philly fans were born to embarrass their team and themselves. Now for the game. KC almost blew the game with Dallas because RB Jamal Charles forgot to stay inbounds late in the game after a run. Made it too close for comfort at the end. Still think KC is not running on all cylinders on offense. Picking Philly here, 41-20.

San Diego at Tennessee - Titans really blew it last week at Houston. Good, I picked the Texans. Had an 8-point lead with a few minutes to go, and almost lost it in regulation, only the field goal kicker hit the upright at the buzzer. First home game for Titans, and the defense can hit you. Still shaky on offense. San Diego has won their buzzer-beater for the year. Will not happen again. Go Tennessee, Titans win 22-19. By the way did you see where OU will start a home and home with the Volunteers beginning 2014. They meet in Norman next season with a trip to Rocky Top in 2015. Here's a tip for you. Go to this game in Knoxville. The stadium is the loudest of any venue in the nation, including LSU.

Cleveland at Minnesota - Are you kidding me? Cleveland making a major trade after two games? RB Trent Richardson going to the Colts for next year's number 1. How would you like to be a Browns season ticket holder. Your team is 0-2, and already building for next season. By the way, our man Weeden could be in trouble. Out this week with a bum thumb, and that number one next year could be for another QB.  Vikings get first win of the season, and AD's going to go nuts. I predict 180 yards for Peterson, and 4 TDs in the 37-13 Vikes win.

Tampa at New England - Tampa is already about to fire their head coach. It is a mess in Tampa. What is with this town anyway? No one is going to the football games, and absolutely nobody is going to the baseball Rays games, even though the Rays have one of the more exciting teams in baseball, and they are in the middle of a pennant race. Only 10,000 showed for the first two games with the playoff-competing Rangers. Pathetic. I don't want to hear everybody in the area would rather be at the beach. Nonsense. New England was shaky in its first two games, but guess what? They're 2-0, both wins in the division. Giselle Brady is threatening to lock Tom out of that big house if he doesn't quit smirking at his young WR's for dropping his passes and running the wrong routes. That's her job. Tell me Brady doesn't miss Welker. Sure he does. Still New England gets more breaks, and wins this one because Tampa Bay stinks. No other explanation. Pats 31-10.

Houston at Baltimore - Almost took Texans, but changed my mind at the last minute. Houston lucky to win first two games of season. Needed miracle finish in both. Baltimore is getting better. taking a chance and taking underdog Ravens at home. Ray Lewis to be honored before the game. Please, no Ray Lewis pregame pep talks to the B-more troops. The world does not deserve another one of those. Wasn't it QB Joe Flacco who said the Lewis pregame was great, but didn't understand a single thing Lewis said in those huddles. Baltimore wins 24-23.

St. Louis at Dallas - Cowboys better get a running game or they are toast. The NFC East is horrible, went 0-4 last week. I don't know which team was more embarrassing. Washington losing by a zillion at Green Bay, or Eli losing to his big brother on his own swing set. Dallas at home is the only reason I am taking Cowboys. By the way, after Jerry accused the Giants for faking injuries two weeks ago, Giants fans are accusing Jones of faking being a general manager. A Dallas win and they may clinch the East, that is how bad the division is these days. Who would  have thought that?! I'm kidding about the clinch. I can at least count. Dallas 33-20.

Arizona at New Orleans - Hey folks, the Saints are 2-0 on the return of head coach Sean Payton. This one seems to be a no-brainer on paper. It's a no-brainer on the field too. Saints easy 29-10.

Detroit at Washington - This town is something, the Nation's capital. They just can't wait to praise the new QB, and the second he has a bad game, they want to criticize. Take RGIII. He is hurt, man! He didn't play in any pre-season games, what did you expect?! In Gus we trust? Remember when former TU signal caller Gus Frerotte was the hero, only to hit his head in celebration and was never the same again? Jason Campbell? Same thing. The last decent QB in Washington was Billy Kilmer, and Sonny Jurgenson. Both had pot bellies. Now they actually have a QB who is in shape, and they complain. Complain. Complain. Maybe if RGIII should have a few milk shakes, double cheeseburgers, gain 75 pounds, get a big stomach. Now you're talking! For those young whippersnappers out there, Jurgenson and Kilmer called their own plays. Yea that'll happen in this day and age (sarcasm alert). Went with 0-2 Washington. Look for Suh to try and mangle Griffin when no one is looking. Wash wins 42-37. PS... Dan Snyder, change the name of the team already!

Green Bay at Cincinnati - Bengals should be 2-0, and they were one of those teams I picked to be in it to the end. Pack comes to town with QB Double-Check. He was awesome last week, against Washington, and his WRs are getting healthier. This was a tough call. Going Packers 37-35.

New York Field Goal Giants at Carolina - Nice running game, Giants. Brandon Jacobs? He was done three years ago. Young Wilson did not fumble last week, although he only carried seven times. Eli has thrown seven interceptions in two games, and six of the seven were his fault. Period!  Was embarrassed in front of Ma and Pa and brother Peyton. Hey Eli, quit the rap videos and watch more game film. You already have a handicap with your offensive coordinator. I have never seen a team get in the red zone as often as the Giants, yet get only three points. Incredible. And then when it makes sense to settle for a field goal to end the half, Eli throws it into triple coverage in the end zone 45 yards downfield. Incredible gaffe. Carolina blew it last week to lowly Buffalo, and there could be a really lousy crowd for this one. Giants win one for the Gipper. Coach Coughlin lost his brother unexpectedly this week, and the man is keeping a stiff upper lip. Giants win at 0-2 Carolina to get first win, 42-20.

Atlanta at Miami - If there is a head coach of the first two weeks of the season, honor goes to Dolphins head man Joe Philbin. He was the guy who had his players try to embarrass him on HBO series by trying to convince him to keep a player during training camp. Philbin held tough. Fish first two wins on the road, including my upset special at Indy. Dolphins home, and they are begging people to buy tickets. This should be a great game. Going Atlanta by an eyelash, 21-17.

Indy at San Francisco - Indy gets Richardson from Cleveland to help the ground game, and maybe help keep QB Luck upright. Would love to pick Colts any other time but this one. 49ers 31-10.

Jacksonville at Seattle - You talk about a lock. Rivals the Miami-Savannah St. college game 60-point spread as the joke of the week. Only thing going for Jax in this one? All the fans are hoarse from last week's win over 49ers. They may not be able to break air-drums in this one. Jax isn't worth losing your voice over, anyway. What a home field advantage that is! Seattle may have a bit of a hangover, but I don't think so. Seahawks, even though they have the worst uniforms in any sport, win with ease. Love the way QB Russell Wilson runs his plays, and knows how to get out of bounds after a 12-yard gain. Now that is smart. He should be smart, he went to 13 different colleges. Just kidding. Actually it was three. Seattle goes bananas, 45-10. By the way, Seattle is my survivor team.

Buffalo at Jets - E.J. Manuel turning some heads after just two games. You know I have a special place in my heart for the folks in Buffalo. I can't explain it. I love their fans though, both in football and hockey. As loyal a fan base as there ever was. Would love to see small town market go to the big city and whoop up on the Jets. Mark Sanchez out for the year, surgery is probable to fix shoulder. QB Geno Smith may not feel as much pressure with Sanchez on the shelf, but he should. I think Rex Ryan should give third-stringer Matt Simms a chance. Going with the J-E-T-S. By the way, did you see the price of a decent Super Bowl ticket to be played at same stadium, in February? A whopping $2,600 a pop! The NFL has gone completely nuts with this. It's $900 for the upper deck. IN THE COLD! Those $2,600 seats give you access to the warmer confines of restaurants and lounges. Nice. Pay $2,600 to watch it on TV. Can't you do that at home for free? Just asking. Just like sitting in the upper deck at Jerry World in Dallas. It's a good thing they have that big screen. Only way to see the players. By the way, the second best seats in the house are going for $1,500.

Bears at Steelers - Is there such a thing as a must-win after just two games? It is when you are the real America's team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. They're 0-2 with 74 yards total rushing in two games. That's a 37-yard game average. I told you I could divide. And Big Ben has been very average as well. Am I just dreaming or has Jay Cutler been playing better since he got married?  Maybe more QBs should go to the altar, Although it hasn't helped Vikings QB Ponder. Mrs. Ponder is very attractive, by the way. She goes by Sam. Steelers win 17-13.

Oakland at Denver - You are not going to believe this, but I almost went with Oakland here. Why? Peyton's best protector on the offensive line is out for the year, that's why. Also coming off an emotional win in New York, and a letdown is possible. Game at Mile High. If I were a betting man I would go with Oakland getting 14 1/2, but I'm not. Straight up, Denver escapes, 27-24. On a serious note, for those folks living in Colorado, keep the faith. We are thinking of you. A Denver win could lift the spirits on an area getting hammered by rain and deadly floods.

That is all. Have a good week.


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