NFL Week 13 picks, predictions: Big Al on the Thanksgiving Day games, Saints vs Seahawks in Seattle

Did Jacksonville really get out of the NFL cellar?

TULSA - I am going to be the first to confess. When Denver had a 24-0 lead at halftime, I turned off the TV and went to bed. Got a good nights sleep, woke up refreshed and ready to meet my day of picking next week's games.

I did not wake up in the middle of the night to check my sports app on my phone to get a confirmation of the final score. I thought it was over.

No way a Peyton Manning team was going to blow a lead, I don't care if it was against Tom Brady. I had chalked it up to a loss on my sheet. Lo and behold, I open the sports section of the newspaper, and felt the shock of the year. I would say I fell out of my chair but I will admit I weigh too much these days for that to happen. New England had won! How about that!

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How do we count a tie in the picks? Is there a tiebreaker? I am going with the tiebreaker that Green Bay scored first in the overtime, so those who picked the Packers gets the win! Sounds good, but will have to settle for the 8-5-1 for the week. A tie in the NFL. I thought that went out with Buffalo Memorial Stadium or Kezar Stadium in San Francisco, or the Rams in Los Angeles. I would love to say the Vikings-Packers game was a good one, but it really wasn't.

There are plenty of teams that have underachieved this season. Atlanta, Detroit, New York Giants, Washington, and Texans. In fact, Texans took over the worst team in the league status with the Associated Press poll, sending Jacksonville out of last place.

Is Kansas City headed south? I predicted it four weeks ago. Unfortunately for my picks it occurred two weeks later.

I think San Francisco is starting to get mad, and may be the most dangerous team down the stretch. Seattle and New Orleans really haven't had slumps coming, and very rarely do teams not have at least a burp for a week or two.

I continue to have good success picking Thursday games. On a big winning streak with that, but my streak will be heavily tested this week with three games on Turkey Day!.

Green Bay at Detroit - Reminds me of the old days with the dark clouds and snow falling at old Tiger Stadium. Vince Lombardi hated this game, always having to play on the road during the Thursday game. Thought it was unfair. Still unfair, but tough, this is the NFL. It is not supposed to be easy. Lions strangest outfit in the league. Lose at home to Tampa. Wow. Lions win 31-24.

Oakland at Dallas - Picking Dallas here, even though it kills me to do so. It will be close, though. 31-27 Cowboys.

Pittsburgh at Baltimore - Game on Channel 2 this Thursday and the best game of the day. Pittsburgh getting better. Big Ben even coming up with big punts. Baltimore wins ugly, but they win. Ravens squeak one out here, 17-16.

Tampa at Carolina - Hard to believe the streak Panthers are on these days. You would think they would get the big head, but still keeping focus. Carolina lucky to win the last two games, but that's what teams need in the middle of the year to get through the dog days. Tampa getting better, but still go down here, 34-31.

Jacksonville at Cleveland - The game that needs no commentary. Cleveland 9-6.

Tennessee at Indianapolis - One week Colts look like world-beaters, the next a complete fraud. Which one is it this week? Go with world-beaters. Titans having player personnel problems these days. Colts 26-13.

Denver at Kansas City - Go figure. The two teams at the top of the AFC charts coming off losses. I don't know which loss is harder to figure. Denver blowing 24-0 lead, or KC losing home game to San Diego on the last play of the game. I sense Chiefs starting to get exposed, especially with top defensive players starting to get hurt. Manning must be stewing over the New England loss. Go Denver in this one, 26-13.

Chicago at Minnesota - Almost went Vikings here, and should have stayed that way. By the time I started writing this blog, I changed my mind from Bears. How is that for confidence. I took Bears on my sheet, so I have to stick with that. 20-19 Chicago. I hate this pick.

Miami at Jets - I was wondering hoe the Dolphins were still winning games with all the confusion going on behind the scenes in South Beach, but the Jets always find a way to be headlines in the New York tabloids. Jets in a field goal-fest, 16-13.

Arizona at Philadelphia - This is going to be the behind the scenes game of the week. Philly finally settling on Foles as QB. Arizona just keeps winning, and hardly anybody is paying attention to the Cards. This is my eyelash special. Philly 21-20.

Atlanta at Buffalo - Bad indoor team heading for not as bad outdoor team in the middle of bad weather country. See you later Falcons. Bills 27-17.

St. Louis at San Francisco - The Ram's domination of 49ers ends here. Strangest series where St. Louis plays good against San Fran. Not in this one. Like I said earlier, San Fran is starting to get mad. 49ers 34-20.

New England at Houston - Houston we have a problem, and it is not in outer space. It is the the space they call Reliant Stadium. Coaching staff about to clean out their lockers after this one. How do you lose at home to Jacksonville. In-fighting in the locker room, etc. Pats win easily, and embarrass the Texans. Reliant Stadium resembles Astrodome in one thing here. All the empty seats. Pats 34-18.

Cincinnati at San Diego - Taking Bengals here. Why? Because I am not convinced Rivers and Chargers can win two big games in a row. Bengals one of those teams that wins games when they aren't supposed too. I admit, this is a gamble on my part. Let's see what happens. Bengals 23-20.

New Orleans at Seattle - Banking on Brees and Saints living the charmed life these days. Seattle has to lose a home game one of these days. This is the day. Saints 34-31.

Giants at Washington - Giants not good these days. Washington worse. Giants win 27-13.

Save some turkey for Friday. Turkey on Rye, heavy on the mayo.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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