NFL Week 12 NFL picks, predictions: Manning vs Brady as Broncos and Patriots clash Sunday night

Peyton vs Tom

TULSA - I'm sure I'm not the only one who woulda, coulda, shoulda had a better week, but listen to this.

I finished 10-5, but only four yards away from 13-2.


Take Baltimore at Chicago. Had Ravens in this one. They go up 10-0 and then the storm hits. Three-hour delay completely changes the complexion of the game, and then Baltimore can't get into the end zone from the 1-yard line on four plays to end the game. Lose in overtime...

San Diego driving at the end to win at Miami. Rivers can't get it done again....

Houston at the goal line ready to take the lead on Oakland with time running out, and Oakland holds em. OAKLAND! I'm dying here...

That's three wins gone at the goal line. Pathetic!

Meanwhile, my Thursday record remains on a major winning streak. And even the Bills won one for me. Folks, I cannot pick Buffalo this week. They have a bye.

My upset special of last week was not only Buffalo, but Pittsburgh over Detroit.

This week is a little tougher than a week ago

New Orleans at Atlanta - What did I tell you? Drew Brees is the new Tom Brady. The poster QB for getting all the calls when defense gets within breathing distance. Last week's call against the 49ers was ridiculous. Not only that, Brooks got fined nearly $16,000. It was the difference in the game. Saints will not need much help from refs this week. Taking on the pathetic Atlanta Falcons, a team that has had its wings clipped beyond recognition. Saints 35-17.

Pittsburgh at Cleveland - Hard to tell if Steelers are getting that much better, but if they show up in those bumble-bee uniforms in Cleveland, all bets are off. Browns seem way off track these days, unable to figure out which QB to play. Had a chance against the Bengals last week and blew it. Steelers in an ugly game, 20-16.

Tampa at Detroit - Lions best team in the league that can't make the right moves at the right times during games. Coach drives me nuts with his decisions. Just play the game the way it is supposed to be played. Conservatively. Lions beat Bucs after Bucs won their game of the year last week, hammering Atlantla. Falcons stink. Lions just play that way some times. Detroit 34-20.

Minnesota at Green Bay - Packers still a week away from getting QB double-check back. Almost took Vikings here, but you talk about a team that can't find a QB. You can say that about half the teams in the NFL. Nice league. Sounds like weather is going to be "Frozen Tundra" -like. Packers stop three-game losing streak,  24-13.

San Diego at Kansas City - Almost went Chargers here. It will be interesting to see how KC responds after tough loss at Denver with the Broncos coming up again next week. Chargers need a win. Some see it as a trap game for Chiefs. I think they are tougher than that. Go KC, by a field goal 24-21.

Chicago at St. Louis - Went Rams because of bye week, and Chicago is again without Cutler. St. Louis on the verge on becoming average team. Bears are banged up big time. Rams in a squeaker, 17-16.

Carolina at Miami - Hard to believe Carolina is this good. Needed the call at the end to beat New England. I will be the first to admit New England has gotten the breaks throughout the years but that pick-up-the-flag-no-call was bogus. Carolina is starting to get national attention, which normally is the kiss of death. But Miami is getting national attention for all the wrong reasons. Miracle though, Dolphins are 5-5 with all the turmoil. Take the safe pick. Carolina 23-17.

NY Jets at Baltimore - I never want to pick Baltimore ever again after last week's failure to get into the end zone at Chicago. Jets one of those teams that win games they are not supposed to, and lose games they are supposed to win. Who knows what the Jets are this week. Baltimore last hope to get a chance to make the playoffs. Ravens 23-21.

Jacksonville at Houston - Is this the idea of a joke from the NFL? You can't be serious with this one. No comment. Texans 3-0, or 6-3, or 45-41, or 57-10. Who cares?

Indy at Arizona - Zona one of those "where did they come from?" outfits. Did you really know they are 6-4? Sure you did. You all have been Cardinals fans when they used to play in St. Louis. Do you even remember when they played in St. Louis? I'm joining the bandwagon. Cardinals in mild upset 27-24.

Tennessee at Oakland - Both teams at 4-6 which means they are just about like every other team in the NFL. Oakland wins here, 24-16.

Dallas at NY Giants - Giants claim there will be Dallas blood on the Meadowland turf when this one is done. Why can't players just keep their mouths shut with such talk before games? Dallas coming off the bye week, Giants coming off their best game of the year. Giants starting to lose the "field goal" tag. Giants get to 5-6 after starting 0-6 with 34-23 win.

San Fran at Washington - Washington in total confusion right now. 49ers totally fuming at the call that kept them from beating Saints. 49ers win easily 31-13.

Denver at New England - Are you surprised Tom Brady didn't get fined by the NFL for screaming obscenities in the face of the officials walking off the field after the loss to Carolina? Of course you're not. He's Tom Brady after all. Pats win the Manning vs Brady battle 26-23.

Have a great week.

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