NFL Week 11 picks, predictions: Big Al questions Peyton Manning returning, NFL officiating

TULSA - Has Peyton Manning played his last NFL game?

He was benched last week, benched for the game this week, and who knows what follows? Denver will not go very far in the playoffs if Manning spends his good-bye tour taking snaps. He just can't throw it down-field any longer. Defenses know it, and they're playing up to prevent the underneath passing routes. He may be hurt, but Denver is toast with him in the game. The Broncos are in transition.

I predicted Rob Ryan would get fired at halftime last week. I came very close, and convinced if coach Payton had a choice, he would have done it nine halftimes ago.

The NFL officiating continues to be horrible. Baltimore was the team getting screwed this week. Zebras should have called delay of game on Jacksonville's final drive. Game management has been pretty bad.

The rules the NFL committee have come up with are subjective, impossible to officiate, and ruins the flow of the game. Every other play there is a penalty, and every third play gets reviewed. Enough already.

On to my picks!

Tennessee at Jacksonville - "No comment" of the week gets an early start. Sorry NFL Network, NFL Films  could not make this game dramatic. Jacksonville, 9-6.

Oakland at Detroit - Did the Lions win their game for the year last week at Green Bay? Oakland supposedly getting better, but every time I pick Oakland, they lose. High scoring, Lions, 35-32.

Indianapolis at Atlanta - Atlanta is disappearing faster this year than last, and the year before that and the year before that. Every time you think Falcons are about to fly sky-high, they come falling down from the air like turkeys."I swear I thought turkeys could fly." Famous quote from "WKRP in Cincinnati." Falcons playing like turkeys these days, but rebound against Colts. Atlanta, 27-24.

NY Jets at Houston - Jets need a QB. Texans back in the AFC South race with a 4-5 record and win last week vs Cincinnati. Houston in close one, 17-13.

Tampa at Philadelphia - Eagles going with Sanchez at QB. Ouch. Tampa getting a little better. Eagles pull it out, somehow. Philly, 17-16.

Denver at Chicago - All of a sudden, the Bears are playing well. Denver defense starting to wilt from the pressure applied by Broncos lack of offense in first nine. Da Bears, 17-10.

St. Louis at Baltimore - Tough game to call. Ravens season appears over with loss after loss, but every time you think Rams making strides, they falter. Baltimore has to get a break one of these days. This is the day. Ravens, 17-13.

Dallas at Miami - Romo is expected to return. Cowboys fans think they will go on with seven straight wins. That winning streak comes to an end, and an 8th straight loss for the Cowdashions. Dolphins swimmingly, 23-14.

Washington at Carolina - Panthers have a chance to make it 10-0, but be careful, Washington is getting better. Carolina by an eyelash, 24-21.

Kansas City at San Diego - Chargers have run out of electricity. Chiefs getting second life. Chiefs with six field goals, win 18-10.

San Francisco at Seattle - 49ers have always given Seattle fits. Seahawks all of a sudden beatable at home. Thinking about 49ers in this one. Can't do it. Seahawks, 25-21.

Green Bay at Minnesota - Vikings quietly 7-2, and get a visit from Packers, losers of three in a row after 6-0 start. Packers stop losing streak, 23-21.

Buffalo at New England - Patriots' "luckiest team tour" continues. Bills put up good fight, but New England goes to 10-0, 24-20.

Cincinnati at Arizona - Cards won a big game at Seattle Sunday night, Bengals lost a big game Monday night for their first loss. Cards win this one in a battle, 27-25.

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