NFL Week 10 picks, predictions: Who are the pretenders and who are the contenders

TULSA - What teams were supposed to be good, but stink?

Dallas, Philadelphia (jury still out), Baltimore, New York Giants, San Diego and Seattle.

Teams that have surprised folks?

Carolina is at the head of the class. Denver to a certain extent. Oakland, maybe. New York Jets. But has anybody noticed Minnesota at 6-2? They haven't been dominating folks, but they're tied with Green Bay for the division. Go figure.

Arizona is about where we thought they would be. Pittsburgh is hanging on by a thread. Buffalo is at the expected .500. All the rest we knew would be horrible and they have complied.

You want the picks? Here you go.

Buffalo at NY Jets - Rex Ryan is doing his best to be a pain in the butt, and obliging the New York tabloids with his blabber. Bills get it handed to them in this one. Jets by 10, 31-21.

Detroit at Green Bay - Perfect timing for the Lions to come to Green Bay and fix all that ails the Packers. Green Bay coming off two-game losing streak. That ends. When a coach blames the negative media for losses, you might as well hang it up. You are not going to win that battle. Packers, 34-6.

Dallas at Tampa Bay - All I have heard from Cowboys fans is "wait until Tony comes back." Well he comes back Nov. 22, but it will be too late for even Tony Romo to help matters. Of course, he could win a few games and give Dallas a lousy draft choice. Tampa is bad, but Dallas is really bad. Seven losses in a row for the Cowdashians. Tampa Bay, 23-19.

Carolina at Tennessee - Carolina has fooled me with this 9-0 record. A weak division doesn't hurt matters, but still, they are winning every way possible. Titans getting better, but not better enough to pull off the upset. Yogurt-eating-QB wins another. Panthers, 31-24.

Chicago at St. Louis - Rams accused of head-hunting last week in knocking Vikes QB Bridgewater loopy, so refs will be keeping close eyes on Rams defenders. I ask you, how will they know if they knock Jay Cutler loopy? Isn't he already? Rams win, 22-17.

New Orleans at Washington - Look for head coach Payton to slug his defensive coordinator sometime during this one. He's on the verge of doing it, you can just tell. Could be first firing ever of an assistant coach during halftime. Rob Ryan is driving head coach nuts. Look for Washington to win this one by two, 29-27.

Miami at Philadelphia - Dolphins have had their few moments in the sun with the coaching change, now back to same old smelly fish. Eagles look like a real team last week, and may be about to take off. Maybe. Eagles win, 33-22.

Cleveland at Pittsburgh - I don't know how the Steelers are hanging in there. Get lucky here though, because with all the injuries, if you have to play, it might as well be the Brownies. Pittsburgh in an ugly one,13-10.

Jacksonville at Baltimore - Still refuse to believe Ravens this bad. Don't get it. I know why Jacksonville is bad. This is the "no comment" game of the week, so I stop here. Baltimore, 16-13.

Minnesota at Oakland - Just when I start bragging about the Vikings year, I pick them to lose. Oakland is getting closer and closer to respectability. Mild upset. Raidahs, 17-13.

New England at New York Giants - Now hear this. Now Hear this. Upset special. Giants, who have absolutely no business wining this game, come through, and not win a game the rest of the year. It is the Giants way. I've watched them too long in my life to not notice these things. Giants, 34-31.

Kansas City at Denver - Chiefs can't win in Denver, why start now. Broncos, 24-20.

Houston at Cincinnati - Bengals taking the league by storm. Red-headed QB playing like his hair is on fire. Cincy wins, 34-10.

Arizona at Seattle - Last year this would be one of the games of the year. With Seattle slumping, not so sure now. Still should be a good one. This is a big test for the Cardinals to see if they are for real in the playoffs. Seattle by a field goal, 24-21.

That is all.


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