NFL Week 10 picks, predictions: Big Al with a mild upset and the state of football in Florida

Will there be any QBs left by the playoffs?

TULSA - What a Sunday afternoon.

Already bragging about my Miami pick over Cincinnati from last Thursday night, I was beginning to crow about my Buffalo over Kansas City "upset of the century" choice.

Bills at the Chiefs 1-yard line, about to take a 17-3 advantage and all of a sudden the balloon burst. Interception at the goal line, Chiefs bring it back 101 yards for a touchdown the other way for a 14-point swing.

Buffalo gives another TD away on a fumble and return by KC, and I go from pumping my chest to wanting to jump in a hole. My upset of the life is kaput, and there goes my Sunday.

Wound up 8-4. I should have known. My son called me and asked if I had lost my mind picking Buffalo to beat Kansas City. I tried to tell him KC is running on fumes, one of those teams desperately in need of a bye week. My son Allen replied, "But dad, Buffalo has a QB that couldn't throw in college, how is he going to beat KC." I should have listened. Did you see that interception at the goal line. BAD!

This is not the week to recover. This is a really tough one. 

Washington at Minnesota - Vikings absolutely blew it last week. This is one final chance to get a win. If they haven't already given up the ship. I am giving Adrian Peterson one more chance, Vikings win 23-21.

Seattle at Atlanta - No truth to the rumor owner Blank of Home Depot is having his hardware department construct coffins for the 2013 season. The Falcons are dead. Seattle getting lucky lately, but survival is the best way in the NFL. Seahawks rebound off sub-par performances, and beat ATL, 25-21.

Detroit at Chicago - Detroit with the bye week after the miracle over Dallas. That will cost them. Spent too much time during the break celebrating. Chicago gutted it out in Green Bay, and sent Aaron "Double-Check" Rodgers to the sideline for the next month. He may want to get a doctor double-check on that collar bone. . Take cover Mr. Stafford. Bears win 24-21.

Philly at Green Bay - With all due respect to Seneca Wallace, he is no replacement for Aaron Rodgers, and neither is Brett Favre. Packers playoff hopes in serious jeopardy right now with Rodgers out at least a month. Eagles get it done at Lambeau, but WR's will not be quite as open as they were at Oakland. Eagles get squeaker, 24-19.

Jacksonville at Tennessee - Jacksonville should be forced to move to London. European soccer teams score more points (goals) than this outfit. Tennessee rolls, 34-3.

St. Louis at Indy - Rams fans can't take it anymore. St. Louis already talking baseball 2014. Indy handily 34-10.

Oakland at Giants - Field goal-fest here. Giants win with six FG's this time. Janokowski comes up short on his chance to tie game. NYG, 18-15.

Buffalo at Pittsburgh - Steelers have mailed it in. Buffalo doesn't know better, they're too young. Bills in mild upset. I know, I know. You're trying to figure out my obsession with the Bills. Still remember games from old War Memorial Stadium in the snow. Bills win 18-17.

Cincinnati at Baltimore - Ravens trying to save the season. Last chance. 23-20 Baltimore.

Carolina at San Fran - Can the Panthers win five in a row? Don't think so. Tough venue to keep up the streak. 49ers starting to get it back together. Close, though 31-29, SF.

Denver at San Diego - Almost went Chargers, but I am going with the sympathy angle on this one. Win one for the Fox. Coach recovering from heart surgery. Broncos on top here, 31-20.

Houston at Arizona - Wade Phillips takes over team from Gary Kubiak. Arizona quietly has it going a little bit. At home that is. Go Cards 17-16.

Miami at Tampa - The only thing worse than this Monday Night game would be Tampa at Jacksonville. The state of pro football in Florida is as bad as ever. Nobody can win, nobody goes to the games. Hazing to disgusting levels at Dolphins camp. When will the nightmare end in the sunshine state. Tampa wins first of season, 20-17.

Dallas at New Orleans - Game on Channel 2 Sunday night. Dez, you are not allowed to take your helmet off on the field. It is a 15-yard penalty. Don't make us remind you again. Drew Brees starting to get love once afforded Tom Brady by the officials. Breathe on Brees and they call a penalty. Bad news for Dallas, Saints lost the week prior. Coach Payton is not a happy camper. New Orleans 44-30.

Have a great week!


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