2NEWS Works for You receives Army Corps Commander's Award for Water Safety Reporting

2NEWS Works for You has been awarded the Commander's Award by the Army Corp of Engineers for reporting and coverage excellence on water and boating safety. 

During the 2012 boating and lake season, the 2NEWS team sent a consistent and strong message working to keep families safe while providing accurate and up-to-date information on lakes, boating accidents and water safety messaging. 

Over summer holiday weekends, 2NEWS worked diligently to include water, boating safety and life jacket use in stories about going to the lake for each holiday. 

"You [2NEWS] deserve credit for the reduction in drowning incidents at Corps lakes within the Tulsa District in 2012," Public Relations Specialist for the Tulsa District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Sara Goodeyon said.

Nearly 90 percent of drowning incidents are preventable just by the use of life jackets, and the overwhelming majority of drowning victims are men. 

The Army Corp of Engineers says 2News' commitment to promoting water safety resulted in a 50 percent reduction in drowning incidents last summer.

"Even in some of the stories about drowning, I saw that KJRH included safety messages in the story," Goodeyon said. "This is such a service to your audience and the people who recreate at the Corps lakes.

Individuals can borrow life jackets from loaner boards at any Corps-Managed lake.

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