OU Sooners, OSU Cowboys NCAA tournament chances, March Madness begins

TULSA - Everybody 's talking as if this NCAA Tournament is wide open.

But what else is new?

With 68 teams in the thing, it better be wide open, or the selection committee should be looking for new jobs.

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As for our hometown hoopsters, neither Oklahoma nor Oklahoma State got any favors. The 'Pokes are headed west, Sooners going east.

In fact, of the eight local teams in the various tournaments, the closest game for Tulsans would be about 275 miles away. Don't want to watch ORU in the CIT? Then prepare yourself for a 765-mile road trip to the next closest.

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So much for fan friendly. Sounds more like a plan to keep televisions tuned in. 

All right, so they've got to travel. But OSU also got a Pac-12 tournament-winning Oregon team for their trouble. Ouch. 

The Cowboys are going to have a awfully hard time with the Ducks. But let's say they get past them. Hey, is that ESPN darling dark horse Saint Louis on the horizon?!

Yes, that would be them.

For OSU, it's all about youth.

Frosh phenom Marcus Smart has a lot of pressure on him, but maybe he and his fellow youngins' don't realize exactly how much.

Now for OU.

Off to Philadelphia they go, the city of brotherly love. Ya right.

If you like batteries being thrown at your head for wearing the wrong sweatshirt. Heck, I've actually seen crowds boo Snoopy there. Honest. 

Anyway, Oklahoma's San Diego State draw isn't great for them either. SDSU has been good for a bit. But maybe more importantly, I don't like the way the Sooners finished the season. Too many blown leads. And a loss to TCU? Good grief.

But I expect the week off to help. Coach Kruger may just be able to right the ship with a bit of time. 

Even then, however, Georgetown waits in the wings. Georgetown -- the team I've picked to make the Final Four. 

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