National Signing Day: Where will high school football players and athletes in Oklahoma go to college

TULSA - It's the day that college head coaches work towards each year as they continually build their programs - National Signing Day.

Held on the first Wednesday of every February, high school football stars and athletes from other sports will sign on the dotted line indicating their destination of choice to play at the next level.

Jaylon Lowe of Owasso will be one of those kids.

He was the quarterback for the Rams and will sign with the University of Tulsa Wednesday morning.

Jaylon accounted for 42 total touchdowns and led the Rams to their first district title in 26 years in 2012.

Football signees on the FBS level:

Broken Arrow - For all 33 Tigers signingss go to

Frankie Davis, defensive end, signed with Tulsa

Cre Moore, defensive back, signed with Kansas State

Bixby - For all 11 Spartans signings go to

A.J. Harbin, RB/CB, signed with Oklahoma State University

Jenks - For all 18 Trojans signings go to

Jordan Smallwood, signed with Oklahoma

Owasso - For all 24 Rams signings go to

Jaylon Lowe, QB, signed with Tulsa

Tulsa Public Schools - For the other TPS signings go to

Kimmie Carson, East Central, signed with New Mexico

Stanvon Taylor, East Central, signed with Oklahoma

Dominique Alexander, BTW, signed with Oklahoma

Union Public Schools - For all 27 Union signings go to

Chris Hall, signed with Tulsa

Blake Mejia, signed with Tulsa

Dalton Rodriguez, signed with Tulsa

Kahlil Harper, signed with United States Military Academy

Hunter Atyia, signed with United States Air Force Academy




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