Big 12 basketball tournament, who will win? Big Al looks at the favorites, contenders and pretenders

KANSAS CITY - Let's see now, I've been at this Big 12 basketball preview for a full five minutes now, and I have changed my mind a dozen times 11 times (no way I would give TCU a chance to win).

So after numerous revisions, I'm picking Oklahoma. No wait, they just lost to the 2-16 Horned Frogs. 

How about Kansas State? They looked horrible last week. 

Maybe I'll go with Baylor. No, I just can't do that. So they beat Kansas, they were horrible in February.

Texas. Ha. 

Wait now I've got it. Iowa State. But they're too one-dimensional. If they're not raining threes, they're not scoring.

Texas Tech? Moving on.

What teams are left..

OK, Oklahoma State.

Marcus Smart is too good to be ousted early. Markel Brown is playing his best basketball. Michael Cobbins is turning into a really good big man, if he stays out of foul trouble. LeBryan Nash is a good offensive threat, but is definitely a defensive liability. Seems like too many negatives now that I think of it...

Kansas. Of course Kansas. Maybe they're not as good as they've been in the past, maybe they are vulnerable. But who isn't?

Kansas is basically playing the tournament at home. Ben McLemore is going to have a monster tournament. He's definitely leaving for the NBA after this season, so he'll wants to make a final impression.

And maybe most importantly, Kansas seems to shine when they have the most doubters.

Truth be told, this whole thing's up for grabs. Just like every year.

Enjoy the madness.

The tournament begins Wednesday evening with West Virginia and Texas Tech at 6 p.m. followed by Texas and TCU at 8:30.

Go to to see the Big 12 bracket with the tip time for every game.

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