Tulsa mayor, city council proposing third-penny sales tax extension

TULSA - Tulsa city councilors and Mayor Dewey Bartlett are asking to keep the third-penny sales tax in place for the next seven years in order to improve Tulsa streets.

The proposed capital Improvements package wants to extend the tax until 2020 to fix streets and renovate buildings.

The package totals $800 million and Bartlett says he wants to use half of that for streets improvements, like repairing pot holes and widening streets.
Cyclist Stephen Lassiter wants the mayor to guarantee some of the money for bike lanes and crosswalks.

"It's really simple and cost effective to add a bike lane when the streets are already under construction. It's just a matter of where the paints goes on the road," said Lassiter.

Voters may see some of the same proposed projects from the Vision 2 tax package, which Tulsa County voters shot down in November.

Some of the projects include upgrades to American Airlines and ICB Bus Plant by the airport, Tulsa Zoo, and Gilcrease Museum.

Tulsa resident Chris McKenzie, is excited for the future.

"I feel like it's a good idea to keep Tulsa renovated and keep moving in the direction that we're going right now," McKenzie said.

The improvement package is not final. Mayor Bartlett and city councilors are making changes to the rough draft and are asking for community input. Neighborhood meetings are scheduled for March and April starting at 6 p.m. 

Meeting times and locations:

  • March 4, Tulsa Community College Center for Creativity, 910 S. Boston Ave. - District 4
  • March 11, Martin Regional Library auditorium, 2601 S. Garnett Road - District 6
  • March 12, Fellowship Bible Church chapel, 5434 E. 91st St. - District 8
  • March 25, Booker T. Washington High School auditorium, 1514 E. Zion St. - District 1
  • March 26, Webster High School auditorium, 1919 W. 40th St. - District 2
  • April 2, Whiteside Park Community Center, 4009 S. Pittsburg Ave. - District 9
  • April 22, Hardesty Regional Library Frossard Auditorium, 8316 E. 93rd St. - District 7
  • April 29, Hale Junior High School auditorium, 2177 S. 67th E. Ave. - District 5
  • April 30, Hamilton Elementary School, 2316 N. Norwood Place - District 3

The final list will be presented this Summer before a possible November vote.

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