Third victim dies of injuries sustained in Asiana Airlines plane crash at San Francisco airport

SAN FRANCISCO -- A third victim of the Asiana Airlines flight that crashed while landing at San Francisco International Airport July 6, has died of injuries, a hospital official announced Friday afternoon.

Dr. Margaret Knudson, San Francisco General Hospital's chief of surgery, said the child died Friday of her injuries.

The girl had been in critical condition since arriving at the hospital Saturday after the plane crashed, killing two others and leaving others in critical condition.

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Officials did not identify the girl at the request of her parents. Her age also was withheld.

Asiana Flight 214 collided with a rocky seawall just short of its intended airport runway that Saturday. Investigators have said the plane came in too low and slow.

Among the 291 passengers and 16 crew members on Asiana Airlines Glight 214, 181 were taken to local hospitals.

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