"The Boz" says staring in movie changed his life

A star we watched play football on the small screen is now on the big screen. Brian Bosworth is staring in the second part of the film Revelation Road. It's a Christian movie about the rapture.

It's about, " Two troubled souls from different perceptions. Mine's a very vengeful sole and haunted by the loss of something very personal to me so I blame God for those things," said Bosworth.

He says Hog, the character he plays, he acted out in real life.

" Hog is me. When you see the movie, really what you're seeing is my past 27 years of pain and anger and vengefulness. And really where I draw from is, losing my career as a football player because that's where I was, that was my purpose," said Bosworth.

When he got the script, he nearly turned it down.

"I ended up doing it and the process allowed me to stir and work and find out what's going on and why I compartmentalized and caged myself into the pain and suffering for twenty some odd years," said Bosworth.

In fact, he remembers how the scene played out in his life; the moment everything changed. It was at a showing for the first part of Revelation Road, and the pastor asked the crowd if they were ready to go on after this life.

"I said honestly I know that I'm not going. I know that my heart's not there," said Bosworth.

And then Bosworth asked the crowd to pray.

Just one hour later the pastor came up to Bosworth, "He said, 'Okay. Now's your time. Can you feel it?' I said, 'Yah. I can feel it.' and it just crumbled. It was an awesome experience," said Bosworth.

From there a new act began in the life of "The Boz." He says its ending is determined by the role we play.

" You're just here to serve and be humble. Everything you have is a gift," said Bosworth.

You can see the film at local theaters like Starworld 20.

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