The Black Friday trend continues among independent record label stores across the country

TULSA - Black Friday shoppers raced through stores early this morning to get the newest electronics and gadgets. But, for some here in Green Country, they were hoping to snag a deal on something a little more classic.

Independent record stores across the country, like Starship Records here in Tulsa, took part in the Black Friday frenzy by offering special exclusive releases. They call it Record Store Day.

It's a day for record lovers to dig through crates of vinyl to get their hands on limited editions and special releases.

Vinyl enthusiast Seth Hilsabeth was one of the many customers who rushed to Starship Records today to find some of the hidden treasure.

"It's really neat when they do these Record Store Day things because record labels really kinda' go out of their way to kinda' dig out those things that maybe haven't been re-released in a while," Hilsabeth said.

So while many scoured malls and department stores to find the newest products, Starship Records Assistant Manager Calvin Compton says their customers were taking home something special.

"When I put this on, this record has a little noise right here, you know, or something. So, it becomes a personal relationship with your music more than just pulling up a file on your computer or your iPhone or whatever," Compton said.

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