Parent Empowerment Act, OK bill giving parents power to fire school administrators laid over to 2014

OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma bill that would give parents the power to fire administrators of failing schools won't reach the House floor.

Senate Bill 1001, approved in the Senate last month by a vote of 30-12, will be held over until 2014, at which time the House of Representatives can consider the legislation.


If the legislation were to become law, any school receiving a 'D' or an 'F' from the state's new A through F grading system may be under scrutiny, allowing for a parent-led petition to transition the school to a charter or terminate campus officials.

"It is unfortunate for parents and children across the state that we have not found consensus on Senate Bill 1001," said Sen. Jabar Shumate, D-Tulsa. "I am committed to working with other members of the legislature in the future to bring real empowerment to our parents. I still believe that people support that which they help create; therefore, I hope that educators in the future will demonstrate better how to plan with and not for the parents and children they serve."

Opposition to the bill pointed to the A through F system itself, a hotly debated program among Oklahoma school leaders.

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"What you're doing is setting up a new system based on flawed evidence that we have right now," said Lynn Stockley, president of the Tulsa Classroom Teachers Association. 

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