Oklahoma teen runaways dead after botched robbery in Texas, stealing parents' guns and ammunition

ELLIS COUNTY, Texas - Two Oklahoma teens are dead after a botched robbery attempt in Ellis County, Texas Wednesday. 

Police confirmed Thursday that 17-year-old Kenneth Chaffin and 18-year-old Dillon King were involved in a violent home invasion in Ellis County. King and Chaffin were from the same small community of Bethel Acres. 

Roland Chaffin says his daughter found the family's home ransacked Monday night. Nine handguns, six rifles and two shotguns were missing along with more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition, medication and Roland Chaffin's truck.

"The pick up was missing, he was missing, all the guns, he kicked the bedroom door open, he'd taken the money, the guns and some prescription medication," said Pottowatomie County undersheriff J.T. Palmer.

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Two days later, Kenneth Chaffin's father was informed by police that his truck was found more than 240 miles away at a Texas Ranch.

Ellis County Sheriff Johnny Brown says the teens were involved in a "gun battle" with the Texas homeowner.  The gunfire pierced the home and investigators found trails of shell casings.

Brown says it appears at least one of the teens was shot by the homeowner; however, preliminary reports show the teens died of self-inflicted gunshot wounds. 

Now family members are left with many questions.

"I don't think either one of them would have done something like this, they both were good kids, they did stupid kid things," said King's mother, Karen Jones.

Jones says the two have known each other since childhood, but she says they weren't supposed to hang out.

"But when he's 18 you can't stop them, they had gotten in some trouble when they were younger," said Jones.

She says it was small stuff back then, stealing bikes and throwing rocks. She says she never thought they were capable of something like this.

Palmer says Chaffin and King actually called a third teenager to assist in the attempted robbery, but were refused. He says that teen has helped shine some light on the plans of the renegade pair. 

"This was supposed to be a trip--one more road trip--with a no return policy," Palmer said.

Dillian's mother doesn't think they intended to hurt anyone, she believes they got scared.

"They took their lives because they didn't want to hurt anybody," Jones said.

The homeowner in Texas only suffered minor injuries in the incident.

Investigators say there are reports Chaffin was involved with a gang out of Midwest City but do not believe it played a role in this incident.

It will be up to the medical examiner's office in Dallas to determine the official cause of death for Chaffin and King.

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