Oklahoma teen finds canary diamond at Arkansas' famous Crater of Diamonds State Park

MURFREESBORO, Ark. - It's safe to say no Oklahoman had a better weekend than 14-year-old Tana Clymer.

The Oklahoma City teen and her family tried their hands at prospecting Saturday, traveling to Arkansas' Crater of Diamonds State Park.

Digging in the Murfreesboro dirt for about two hours, Clymer later told park officials she was about to abort her gem-finding mission when she spotted something shiny.

"I thought it was a piece of paper or foil from a candy wrapper," she said. "Then, when I touched it, I thought it was a marble. I think God pointed me to it. I was about to sprint to join my family, and God told me to slow down and look. Then, I found the diamond!"

A 3.85-carat canary diamond to be exact, which Clymer promptly named the "God's Jewel" diamond.

Mobile users can view the diamond here -- http://bit.ly/16ri5Ir

Clymer said she hasn't decided what to do with the yellow, tear-drop shaped diamond, but knows it will be an important part of her future.

"What an experience for Tana to remember the rest of her life!" said Bill Henderson, the park's assistant superintendent. "Tana told me that she was so excited, she couldn't sleep last night. She's either going to keep the diamond for a ring, or, if it's worth a lot, she'll want that for college."

Clymer's find isn't the first of its shimmery kind at the Crater of Diamonds. The park was made famous in 1927 after a white diamond weighing 40.23 carats was unearthed. Named the "Uncle Sam" diamond, it's still the largest diamond ever discovered in the United States.

Mobile users can view the diamond here -- http://bit.ly/1aBqWrW

And a North Carolina 12-year-old struck "gold" in July, pulling a 5.16-carat, honey brown diamond from the park's soil.

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