Oklahoma House bill would give cities ability to punish head shops selling pipes, drug paraphernalia

TULSA - An Oklahoma House panel unanimously approved legislation Thursday that could lead to a crackdown on many of the state's head shops.

House Bill 1847 would give Oklahoma cities and towns the power to label a convenience store selling drug paraphernalia a nuisance, stripping it of its products.

SEE THE BILL (http://bit.ly/hb1847)

State Rep. Mike Shelton, who authored the bill, calls it the "nuclear option."

"We need to send the message that if you engage in this activity there are going to be severe consequences beyond the standard punishment of jail and fines," Shelton said. "If there is a chance you could lose your livelihood, maybe you will think twice before you sell crack pipes out of your store."

The legislation now awaits a hearing in the Calendar Committee before hitting the House floor.

2NEWS spoke with several shops in the Tulsa area the bill would potentially affect, but none chose to comment.

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